Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter 2...

Dakota here. On to Chapter 2, which will take way longer to do. But, it's more fun for me, cause now there is actual story that I made up, instead of what happened in the Bible and setup.

The morning after... awkward.

By now I hope it is clear that the Michael (the animal) can switch around.

Oh no. A town. Perspective. Eughhhh... but it's mostly simplified and estimated so it doesn't look contrived.

Oh no. Another character! (You knew she is a woman, right? This is the first female I have drawn in a long time). Actually, I don't know the last time I drew a woman... oh my god, I am the worst lesbian ever...

Augh! The second part of the story is getting underway and it makes me nervous... also, I'm glad I am doing the gray shading later. It makes night scenes so much better.

This was a doodle for the longest Nazi class ever...

And this is my favorite panel I have done. I don't know why. It's not even that good, but I like it.

Ok, now to serious business. I have seen both Allison and Laura's Hi Five the Cactus pictures. And now I want to say:

It is on. Fan art off.

I am all worked up, and want to throw my High Five in the ring. Also, Laura, I also really like the pissed off Hi Five. Even though if I were in his position, I would not have killed the cowboy, because he didn't actually do any teasing (and I am a softy), I LOVE that Hi Five kills him.

I am talking about a cactus' psychology...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

plenty o cowboys

a cowboy doodle that turned into hi-five the cactus, sortof

another cowboy


still life of professor's chair and jacket


name doodle


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

OK, you guys, I am nervous.

I have posted the first chapter of my comic on facebook, for only you dudes to see. I am disappointed by how fast it goes, but I knew it would go that way. I mean, it's the beginning and I had to set up a lot of stuff for the story, so it will seriously slow down from here on out.

My main concern is "does it make sense?" I ask a bunch of specific questions under certain pages, trying to see if I managed to make myself clear. If you read it and you don't understand something, say so. Hopefully it is something that is cleared up in the next couple of pages, but I have had this idea in my head for a long time, so maybe I am not able to communicate it well. If you read it and understand it, cool, if not, I'd like to know.

Also, reading it, it seems super cheesy and dumb, but I think it's cause to start the story they have to have all these extreme emotions. After this there are no more extreme emotions for like 2 chapters. Just vague contempt from Abel and uncomfortableness and lots of guilt from Cain.

So, yeah.

Also, I have some pictures.

The Field Museum is so cool. I had to go to the pirate exhibit. They advertised it so well, and I saw Captain Bellamy's treasure, which was lost with his crew in a storm, and it's the only pirate treasure found. It was huge piles of silver coins. I had a real desire to bury myself in it.
Also, in his crew was the youngest known pirate, John King, who was about 9. They found his shoe, and his tibia. They were both so tiny.

I found a picture of his shoe/bone.

It was my favorite thing to see in the exhibit (besides the treasure). It was just so tiny, and made me stomach crunch up when I first saw it.

They also had cool paintings depicting the pirates.

They were painting by this dude Gregory Manchess, who's style I dig.

This was another more fun, actiony one.

Also, they have tons of cool skeletons and taxidermed animals. I kept thinking "what a cool job." Can you imagine taxiderming a tiger? Or a giraffe? I saw all of those, and it seemed so fun.

There are always tourists riding around on segways. I tried to be nice in the beginning, but not they ride around in parks when I am trying to read and relax, and they are loud. Now they piss me off.

These next photos are for Allison.

This is a tour bus that follows me around everywhere. It always sneaks up on me. I turn around and BAM it's there. The tagline is "World's Most Killer Dad" He has red juice dripping down his face.

Also, Allison, you will recognize this. I'd never seen it in a store before, and I had to buy it.

Sorry for all the photos, but since I did post almost 40 images in this post, I felt it was justifiable. Also, these are distractions in case you think the comic is shit so far. It might be, but even if it is, I think it's salvageable. Now that the story is set up I can get to the good part. The long endless build up (which is always my favorite part of a story, and I'm almost always bummed when the build up is over).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pages 31-33

Woo. So I haven't had as much time to work on these guys for awhile, but that's over now. I have fixed up the script a bit, and laid out the pages until page 40-something. Dude. In a week or two I will be on page 50. That is some fucked up shit right there.

This is one of the pages I much earlier did a test page for. I like the script here. I know you dudes cant read it, but basically Abel is having a really bad attitude about being killed, and Michael (Mr. Fox) is pretty irritated at him.

I painted these kids after we watched The Triumph of the Will in my history class. While, obviously, Nazi propaganda is bad, the art direction was amazingly good (more towards the second half). Like, I kept seeing shots and thinking "If they weren't Nazis, that would make a beautiful painting." I also kept thinking that about the people. The soldiers were so handsome. Also, they kept showing Hitlers Youth, who were these cute little kids. It was terrible.

Also, I had a third boy in the middle of those two, but I didn't like the way he looked, so I got rid of him. (What can I say, this picture is inspired by Nazis).

I was trying to figure out how to draw camels, because (much later) Cain and Abel ride on a camel together.

And this is the what Allison drew in the back of my last sketchbook. I always had to try and hide it when I opened my sketchbook, but it made me laugh so freaking hard every time I saw it.
I always thought "Oh, people will know it's a joke, drawn by someone else." Except, she left no hint that she had done it. In fact, she signed it with MY NAME!

Also, I edited this a little because I don't want to find it used against me in a court of law a couple years in the future.

Alsoalso, I am pretty sure she took these guys as inspiration for this picture.

Alsoalsoalso, she knows I am into cowboys and sailors. And Indians. Basically, if the Village people have dressed like it, I am into it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

laugh it up fuzzball

Following: something i did for my scottish lit class
left is symbol of the man on the moon
the right is some symbol i found on an ancient book in the library

Initial drawing for extraordinaires concert poster, idea was laura's
around here the clocktower is a big cornell symbol.

Colored in final (unless the boss people decide it needs changes...) version

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Sketchbook Assignment!!!

this was the first random article i picked up. i included it just for kicks. how the fuck do you say that?

the new sketchbook assignment is:

actually i really like the idea of this one. The only thing is due date.

I was wondering if we could extend it? Just because I am going camping from friday to sunday. Or i could just turn it in late. I was checking around the other doodle blog, i think for them the sketchbooks just come in sometime during the next week. that might not work for us because there's only two of us and i think nine (i tried to count) of them. I wish we had more friends.

over and out. and let me know about the due date.

Monday, October 12, 2009

You want me to fucking trash your lights?

On his wikipedia article it said that that Anthony Neil Smith is the co-creator/co-editor of an online noir journal. I briefly cruised through some of the stories and obviously in my head immediately went to film noir. I tried to include all the major elements (as outlined by wikipedia): hard-boiled detective protagonist, femme fatale, chiaroscuro lighting technique, etc.

Also it wasn't formally listed as a defining trait of the film noir genre, but I saw that a lot of movies/books that fall under that categorization are based on serial killers/unsolved murders, so I did a little research on early twentieth century events of that nature. "The Gray Man" is one of the aliases of Albert Fish, an American serial killer active in the mid 1920s through the early 1930s (he had others, but they all sounded like B-list horror flicks: e.g. "The Werewolf of Wysteria," "The Brooklyn Vampire," and "The Boogeyman"). If you want to have trouble sleeping tonight, wikipedia that shit. It is seriously fucked up.

A cowboy doodle for Dakota.

I'm not really sure what's going on with this one but I kind of like it.

And I know I didn't get the likeness quite right (I think the nose is too wide and the mouth is set too far down, but it had to be done after I found this little piece of YouTube genius:

Sketchbook and refridgerator

The arts quad. i took this picture at the end of summer. i'll take another 'fall' one soon
ithaca falls
ithaca is gorges
i made that!

On our refrigerator in the common room i always make up something with the magnets. last year i had a nude woman, and then we printed out britney spears' face and taped it to the top. it was actually really freaky it was as if britney was really just naked and kneeling on the floor of the room. anyways this time its some lady and a guy. here is a close up of the faces and you can see the magnets are those word ones.

This is the whole thing. the guy is being classy and drinking wine and the lady is just going for it. A bunch of people have come in and seen it and complimented it and so i thought i'd post.

This is the sketchbook assignment. for some reason my scanner scans at a diagonal so i posted two pictures. this is the guy. whatever his name was. i read two of his stories...three of his stories to think of ideas but once i saw what he looked like i had to do it. He looks just like his main characters. washed up middle aged loser cheated on wife and with a gambling problem. can you imagine shaving under your rolls of fat on your chin?

newsflash: we talked to this guy, and he's pretty cool. i got mad respect yo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sketchbook Assignment-Anthony Neil Smith

Sorry for posting twice in 1 day, but I did this after I did my last post.

So, Anthony Neil Smith is supposed to be a Mystery writer, so I went to his website and took one of his titles, and I loved the title "Vicarious Radiation."

I also love those pulp fiction novel covers from the 50's. So made a Pulp Fiction Mystery novel cover.

The tagline should be "What is this tingling feeling...?"

My favorite part is the radioactive slop dripping down her leg. I wanted to make it drip up her thigh, but that would make her have to be in a crazy pose.

(Thinking about romance and radiation reminds me of this comic about Madame Curie by Kate Beaton, who I love. )

Also, I read the real story, and it is totally nothing like this.

More Dolls.

Does it seem like we are posting a lot? I feel like we are.

Here are some more Russian Nesting Dolls I made yesterday. I decided to do forest animals. I was in a cutesy mood.

I just think it's fun looking at them all opened up.

The Owl.

Doesn't the owl's back look like the setting for Venus De Milo? I totally did it on accident, but almost put a figure there after seeing it. I decided against it, I like the accidental allusion.

The Fox is my favorite. I am in a fox phase, (partly cause of the comic).

Also, I just love lace. I think I will paint WAY MORE OF IT. In anime (and maybe the world, I don't know) there some weird lacey apron fetish. I totally am susceptible to it. Aprons are a symbol of food to come, and lace is a symbol of sex to come.

This apron is not a super sexy one. But foxes are sexy. I mean, I totally had a crush on the Disney Robin Hood when I was like 7. It's hard to make Russian Nesting Dolls sexy though, cause they are super pear shaped.

The Raccoon. It's hard to see from the photo, but he has all sorts of trash around him. He is a mix of my favorite stuff. Raccoons are one of my favorite animals, and his color is one of my favorite colors. But he did not end up as my favorite doll, for some reason.

A soda can and an apple.

Fries, a chip bag and a bottle.

I also like the bunny for some reason. I think it's the paw by the mouth, but she looks so coy and seductive (to me).

I know the question you are thinking. And the answer is Yes. You bet I would.

The Mouse.

He looks familiar to me for some reason. Is there a show or something with a blue mouse?