Monday, May 7, 2012

allison again

So I don't have a deviantart account or an art album on facebook. So doodleblog is still my way of showing you artwork.  This next one has a story.  My friend tom has two boston terriers (look em up they're crazy looking dogs) and during the car drive from chicago to ithaca, after already driving from california to chicago, I was going a little crazy.  Tom asked me to keep track of how much he was paying for tolls on a piece of paper.  And since I was going crazy I drew a bunch of weird pictures on the sheet, including this one of Tom's dog.  He sent it to his mom (everyone in their family is crazy about their dogs.  Me too because their dogs are ridiculous) anyways his mom liked it enough to copy it, frame it, and then give me back a copy.  Frankie:

This next one is a watercolor supposed to be of one of the areas where we climbed in red rocks NV.  I made two.  One I gave to dan already, so I can't post it on the doodleblog.  This one is for my boss.  The very triangular formation on the left side is called Rainbow Mountain.  The very right side of it where it drops off is a climb called crimson chrysalis which I've climbed twice.  Its 1,000 feet and very cool.   

That's it.  I have some more doodles but dude its finals ;)