Saturday, November 20, 2010

Circus Stuff and ACTUAL Sketches

Here's some stuff from the circus zine I made.

Here's the cover and back cover, colored. I printed the actual cover in black and white, since it was less expensive, and when it was printed, it took away the hand made, older feel to it. But this was fun since I am trying to work on color schemes, since it is a weakness of mine, and this was good practice.

This is my Fat Lady/Bearded Lady Romance comic. It reads better in 4 page format then scroll down, but it was fun to do, making a cute fairy tailish comic without words.

A quick watercolor I did and forgot about till I found it today.

Character design I might use for a short comic

More character designs.

A character design for a longer comic I want to do... someday.

This is what my comic thumbnails look like. I think they are kinda fun. This is 8 pages of thumbnails, WHICH I HAVE DONE. I am so close to being done with my 26 page comic.

Plan for a drawing that I thought looked cool.

Character designs for my animation. A knight and a dragon.
They are both so fun to animate, the knight is fun and spritely, and the dragon is slow and heavy and SO HARD TO ANIMATE

A pin up of a contortionist for my circus zine.
I was a little nervous about this since the contortionist came out looking younger then I meant for him too, but a couple of people (including my comic teacher, which was a bit awkward) assured me it was OK.

My Clown spread, in color.
One of the comics.

Trapeze Pin Up

Clown lineart, which is was appeared in the zine. I was pretty happy with this when I drew it, and still am. This pen is just so fucking wonderful.

This was the first circus thing I did which inspired me on my whole circus kick. I did it after hearing Joanna Newsom's Monkey and Bear, which you should listen to Allison. The story and the way it's told blows me away, and the way she says stuff like the lines "But Ursula we've go to eat something. My love, I swear, by the air I breathe, sooner or later you'll bear your teeth." Her voice at that part blows me away.
I had to make a comic in response to Hellen Jo's "Jin and Jam" which is SO good. I love her art style. And the comic is basically a bunch of teenage girls fighting, which I never knew I craved until I read her comic.

I miss playing art games, so I went on this Sherlock fan site and said I would take requests, so I did a couple. This one someone asked for "fluff" where Sherlock and John are just relaxing at home.

This one someone requested I illustrate their story of Sherlock going crazy.

Somebody requested cowboy Sherlock and John, and I was like "OH MY GOD WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT"

Someone wanted Sherlock in lingerie, but they requested it after I myself said it would be the best ever, so yeah. Benedict Cumberbatch is just so gorgeous in such a fucking weird way.

This one I did myself, after watching Sherlock, the BBC Office, and the American Office. Martin Freeman (the short one) plays John Watson, and Tim on the BBC Office, and the dude on the right is Jim from the Office, who is Tim's American counterpart. So, yeah, this is a three show crossover.

MORE Office fanart, which means that I have now done more Office fanart then anyone in the world.
For the last season or so, Andy and Darryl’s friendship has been focused on more and more, and in more and more adorable ways. I told my brother they were a bit slashy, AND THEN THE LAST EPISODE.

Daryll: Andy, look, all I know is if I was a girl, and I had to choose between a tall dude who loved Asia, and a you lookin’ dude who loved sweaters and wearing sweaters… I’d choose you.

Andy: That’s really nice, thank you.

Daryll: And I’d blow your mind.


Of course, Jim and Pam are my OTP forever.

Actually, once I had this sex dream with Jim and Pam, where Pam was in a relationship with me and Jim, and we were competing for her, and I felt really intimidated since Jim is some stiff competition. Pre-dream I did not have a crush on Pam, but post-dream, I totally do.

I almost never have sex dreams. I've had like 5 EVER and never with people I want to have them about. Pam was the best one. I wish I could control this shit.

This was a project for class, where we had to take some dialogue and avoid drawing talking heads, and make it interesting with panels and stuff. I took my dialogue from Maurice by E.M. Forster, which is always in my favorite 3 books. The whole book encapsulates exactly how I felt figuring out I was gay, dealing with religion, growing up, and it was written by Forster in the 19th century but hidden until the 70's. It's so romantic too. Oh man.

I just wanted to draw something with Robin and Batwoman. HRMG I AM GAY FOR BOTH OF THEM

There is a Robert Downey Jr x Robert Downey Jr slash group on deviantart, and that BLEW MY MIND so I had to make this. Steampunk Iron man was fun, and still working with colors. I drew this with my new pen that I love SO much, and will probably post more about later. It's so fun.

(Edit, fixed the hand a bit, was going for foreshortening, but it was too big)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

So I've been doing stuff...

I don't have a scanner in my house that's big enough to fit these so I had to take pictures, and I hate the way they turned out. Ugh.

I've had this one sitting around for a good long while but haven't been able to finish it because I can't think of what to put in the middle panel without fucking the composition. Suggestions?

Back when I was running movie nights in the dorms I used to do posters and I thought this one was fun and kind of not my style for once.

Fun with origami paper and fashion photography!

I had such high hopes for this one...didn't quite turn out the way I wanted. Anyway it's one of my biggest girl crushes Marion Cotillard. Girlfriend has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen.

I could not for the life of me get a decent picture of this, so this will have to do for now. I was actually originally going to take out the tie but since Dakota liked it in the sketch I kept it. I was kind of winging it so proportions are off in some places...whatever. I'll be more careful next time.

It was a pain in the ass trying to finish it since I have family members walking around in the immediate vicinity. I mean, they're both basically completely clothed, but's people having sex. I don't know why but I've always found erotic art sexier when the subjects are at least partially clothed. It's like, "I'm so hot for you I couldn't even wait for you to get out of your clothes. I have to have you right now, this second." That, and I like drawing fabric more than I like drawing skin.

Q and Matthew are like best friends now. It's pretty great.

Juneau hangs out with me in the garage while I'm working. He says hi.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Instead of checking my answers after math test, drew fancy lady on table. left it there. some poor custodian is going to have to clean it up.  Been doodling per usual, its all on my homework, can't post yet :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010


So, more stuff.

Another sidekick pin up, I did Spock, (and a bit of Kirk).

Just drew these after seeing all these cute girls walking around downtown. I wanted to draw skateboard girls, bright colors and a Shirley Temple-ish girl.

These next two I did after hearing a podcast about ninja...

I heard about this kid who let moths into a mans house, the moths covered the lights, and he snuck in under cover of darkness and killed the man.

Here's Prince Yamato, sometimes seen as the first ninja.

To kill his enemies he disguised himself as a woman so as to get close to them.

Basically, he Bugs Bunnied them.

I really wanted to draw pink cheeks/inner thighs, and these posed/foreshortened hands. Still working on color, and trying to keep it simple.

I actually have no way to explain this to you, without explaining like every episode of Sherlock. Just thought I'd post it. (Also, I don't keep posting art from this show to tell you dudes to watch it. I'm not sure you would like it. I actually feel you might actively dislike it...)

I can't believe it took me so long to draw crossdressing-Holmes, considering that shit is CANNON baby.

Also, I got REALLY into corsets for like 24 hours, where I thought they were the sexiest ever and was amazed at how changed the body became with a corset, and a even found stuff on male corsetting, but now I think I'm over it. It kinda spooked me towards the end, with the people who go too extreme. But I'm still mildly into it, just, the passion is gone.

P.S. More and more I am realizing I only like about 3 colors. Turquoise, brown and grey. Red is nice when it goes with turquoise. I think I am going to do some color play to get me out of this compulsion. I mean, I like these colors, and am OK with favoring them, but right now I feel like I HAVE to use them. So I wanna try some new shit.

Some Holmes/Watson fanart, where I am trying to avoid using cooler colors and turquoise, since that is all I use.

Some more Batwoman and Renee fanart. Good subjects for warmer colors.

For the Study in Lavender: The Queering of Sherlock Holmes book. They had a very specific image in mind, and I think it's a pretty fun idea. Since you guys might not know who all the Holmes characters are, Holmes and Watson are in one window, Mrs. Hudson and another lady (could be Irene Adler or Mary Morstan) are in the other window and out front is Inspector Lestrade and one of Holmes' "irregulars" who are like his little spies. This was pretty fun to do, and I liked their ideas, and was happy that the Hudson/Adler window was the publishers idea, especially since it is a publishing company focused on gay men. So that's pretty neat of them.

More Sherlock stuff, and more using warm colors. I miss blue and turquoise...
Anddd I just did this one. My friend asked me if I was into gore and violence about a month ago, and I said "No, not really." And I think I was telling the truth, but immediately afterward I have been desperately wanting to draw blood and violence. I don't know what that is about.