Friday, July 31, 2009

dropping the kids off at the pool. aka MAJOR dump

Some of these pictures turned out blurry and i was too lazy to take them again focused.  sorry.

This is amanda's character, flint westward again.  She named him that because it sounds like clint eastwood.  also this is very phallic unintentionally.

random weird doodle

have i told you i'm a little bit really into Dexter?  you can watch it online.  he kills people.

I bought a wonder woman coloring book for a dollar and decided to learn how to draw wonder woman.  started out really hard to do as can be seen by my terrible wonder woman drawings.

Then i figured out that it's a lot easier if you use pencil first and pen later.

This wonder woman got a splot of red paint on her so i turned it into some kindof patriotic fireworks wonder woman.  

No matter what i do, wonder woman is still a slut.

Amanda said this was creepy.  I guess i agree.

yeah i know his head is too big for his body.

I asked amanda to draw me at a restaurant and this is what she did.  i know i brag about amanda all the time but i thought it was really good.  i still can't believe that she used negative space to do my nose.  also it was so small and she used crayon!  impressed.

i was in a stationary store and i saw all these cards that just had drawings like this on them.  they're so stupid and indie and so easy to do.  people make money making stuff like this little girl.  its ridiculous.  its just printed on nice paper.

Speaking of indie...


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Pin Ups

Since his roomate moved in, my daddy no longer dreads his commute.

It was pretty fun to draw the car on this one, but kind of hard too. It's not a real car either, just based on 50's cars in general. Also, I was faced with a anatomical and clothing question in this. If you are a boy, laying like this, does your dick lay on your stomach? Does it depend how tight your underwear is. Would it stick out of your underwear? I didnt know who to ask.

My daddy's roomate always helps with the cleaning.

I am not so happy with this one Too white. I need to do black and white tile, or something, but I havent figured out how to do that and not ruin it. Also, this one, with the hair back in the bandana, looks exactly like one of my animation friends from CCA. One of my gay animation friends, who talks in this kind of feminine way that kind of turns me on (remember Danny Lee, Allison?), and I totally made it look like him on accident.
Another creepy note, my sister has underwear like that, and that is what gave me the idea for it. It cute on a 3 year old girl, but a boy who is... I dont know how old he is. Legal, hopefully.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

what what? (in the butt)

So today at work i had to work the satellite which basically means waaay the fuck out into the middle of nowhere at the end of the theater where nobody ever goes.  so i just sat behind a register for 8 hours and sold stuff to like 15 people tops.  aaanyways i was really bored and i drew on these cardboard things we punch out from boxes that hold drinks.  if you look at it left to right its like a panorama of what i was looking at all day.

Also i drew my first nude.  Dakota's been telling me all along that i need to learn to draw a nude but i don't know where to find them.  i took a shower and saw myself in the mirror and was like, well here's a nude right there. so i drew me naked.  it turned out pretty good (the body, not the face).  so good that i can't post it because it'd be like posting nude photos of myself on the internet.  But sometime in the course of the drawing i had this weird thought where i thought 'gee, naked sure is interesting.  i wish i could draw rachael naked.' and then i felt unfair and was like, well what about dakota and then i realized that i wanted to see all you guys naked in a totally nonsexual way.  i just wanted to.  sorry if that is overstepping the line, but if you don't think that's overstepping the line, lets get together and get naked and draw each other!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fine, you guilted me into it.

o hay rachael did a painting.

also: golden.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fuck You Bastards I have been drawing.

Daddy's New Roomate

So I have been drawing pin up boys for the past couple of days. They have turned into themed pin ups called Daddy's New Roomate. I like the last one best, and have enjoyed drawing ambigous boobs. I am going to make it into a childrens book.


Daddy has a new roomate.
Daddy enjoys his roomates cooking.His new roomate is very smart.
Perhaps in the future he will help clean his house, hog the bathroom, etc.
Anyway, more doodles.
A ship.

A boy.

Oscar Wilde and Bosie.

A dude.

My sister.

Some kids.

A whirling dervish and a boy with sweet tits.

Dakota, Rachael, and Ashley are slackers.

This first image is a comic Amanda made in response to a summer camp homework question: Is it good to be a dreamer?  I don't think she answered the question very well but i like her comic.  The main character is dreaming he is in a western and named 'Flint Westward'.  She named him that because it sounded like Clint Eastwood.  Anyways i liked his character design with the astroboy-like hair and all.  And I really liked the third and fourth panels.  the third one is just from a great angle and it looks so funny and then followed up by the fourth one where his hair is stuck to his face from sleeping on it and he looks so shocked, its just great.

So randomly i was inspired to redraw it, but i basically only did the first two rows because after those rows I think she got tired since from that point on she only draws faces and words...and like one door.  Also the first two lines is almost a complete story in itself.  I mean, i think it works well.  I tried to keep it in her style too.

I actually think i had the most fun experimenting with changing up the panels and stuff.

Okay i gave really lengthier explanations than i needed to but wtv.  Also i am the LAST FEW POSTS.  I know dakota is doing art.  ashley and rachael... I don't know but show me the money!