Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First post with separate account...

What's up? I made goggles for Brayden. He wanted a disguise, and I wanted to make something that was 3 Dimensional.
So I made this out of a baseball, some knuts and bottlecaps and an old shitty belt. It was pretty fun, and took like an hour. I would like to make some higher quality shit, but this was a fun beginning. And the screw opens and shuts to resize the head strap.

Remember the WWII thing I did. Well, I did a background. Just a quickie, but painting the tank was fun.

A painting for my lifedrawing class. It's a copy of this painting.

It has reaffirmed the idea that I am not a painter. I didn't have much time, but even if I did, it proabably would not have come out any better, cause I kept getting so bored with it. I like the weird subject though.

These are some airport sketchbook things I did, after seeing Allisons I knew I had too. I have a couple of sleeping asians. They kept falling asleep in my line of vision. My line of vision must be pretty boring.

Also, more comic pages. This is pages 58-62. It took me awhile to get into it again, but now I am.
You know what fucking suck and I hate to draw. Cats. I need to stop making them up, and get references, but I feel like finding proper ones would be hard, and I want to draw my comic away from my computer. But if I had references the whole thing would be better... huh...

Whatever, my main goal is get 'er done.

I wanted to draw some sexay boy, so I decided to draw Abel instead. Unfortunately, he does not wear this outfit for a freaking long time. Not till the second half of the comic. But that helps me to keep going. I keep telling myself. "It will get sexy, it will get sexy, it will get sexy..."
Also, I like stomach pooch. I know it is not a popular thing, but I like it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest post laura, allison spends 5 hours in an airport, and final project

whoops, forgot this one. put it in the category of me being at the airport for five hours.

These are laura's doodles from our scottish literature class. I really like them, especially when i look at them all together. Laura and jeremy said it reminds them of this artist (i have never heard of) whose art is directions. He writes directions and then other people make his art. anyways i am neither the child of architects nor an architect so i don't know who that is. but it reminds me of mondrian. At the MOMA michelle (abstract artist friend) said that he was looking for purity in lines.

So this is the part where I was stuck in an international airport for 5 hours. Its cool because i drew the whole time and i think you can see me getting a little better as time progresses.

This appeals exactly to my sense of humor. I don't laugh out loud when i read it but it makes me so satisfied.

This is my final for one of my classes. Its supposed to be a visual representation of the frame tale. I'll probably end up explaining it to you and some point. i'm a little obsessed. I REALLY procrastinated A LOT so i did it all in one day. So i feel like i could have done a better job on it. But the concept is good.

Love you all.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Help me title stuff.

What's up dudes?

Here is a quick photoshop thing I did, trying to learn more about photoshop, but I didn't really learn anything except that I still suck at photoshop. And I had to draw it with a mouse. I wonder what Tablets are like.

Anyway, this is good reference for their coloring, I suppose. I want the title of the comic on the black part, but I don't know how to make cool text in photoshop. And I don't know the title of the comic. Both those facts depress me.

Ok, here is my movie. It's also on youtube, here. (You should probably watch it on youtube, I just want to put it here out of faithfulness to the doodleblog, whom I love).

It's a little buggy from 0:10 to 0:16, I'm trying to put up a better upload...

So, yeah, I don't know if it even makes sense. I hope it does, but whatever. Practice is practice. I had to make it short and the characters simple, cause I only had like a month to work on it, and most of the work was done in the past 2 weeks. Hopefully I will get faster with the computer program (Toon Boom) as time goes on. The actual animating took less time the the fucking editing.

Help me come up with a title, and maybe some subtle music or sounds for the background.

This movie reminds me of Allison's "Mother/Daughter sandwich" story, but I didn't think about that till I saw it all finished yesterday.

I am a little amazed that I managed to make the grumbling stomach sound with my mouth.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Bees are nice, but Baby, this post is all about the birds.

Hey darlin's, mama's got some drawings for you.

Here is a watercolor of a train I did. It looks better in person, as watercolors always do. I like painting machines, oddly. It's relaxing.

Here is fanart of a character from my favorite book getting onto a train.

A statue from the Art Institute. She is Jeftha's Daughter, whoever that is, and she has these beautiful little white chubby fingers oh my god she makes me crazier then any real girl oh man.

A picture of Robin the fabulous. Thanks Allison, for inspiring me.

I need to do more of those Daddy's New Roommate pinups, I just haven't had the time.

This one is inspired by those classical statues of Venus at the Bath and Venus in the Act of Undressing.

I mean, this is OK, right? Robin is 18? And butts aren't illegal. I mean, they show baby bottoms in art for grandmas all the time. This is not a sentence most good people utter, but I need to learn more about underage erotica laws.

OK, so this is a little messy. It's just some clips from the movie, not in order. And the chick looks like a creepy ghost thing cause in front of it is going to be the nest. I did it with the nest, and it looked good, but while editing I need it to be gone.

My favorite is when the mama bird is catching the worm. Probably cause that is the only scene completely done.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Indian Russian Dolls

Some more Russian Nesting Dolls. Since it was Thanksgiving I had my annual Indian interest revival that my family is so susceptible to.

So these are characters from Iroquois mythology. (Religion? Is it not OK to say mythology? Cause some people believe it. I mean, you don't say Jewish mythology or something. Hmmm). Some of these characters are from stories I was told as a kid. But I just learned about some of them, like the brothers and the doll.

Here is the turtle that is the earth. I know it's stupid, but sometimes I still picture it this way. I used to really think this was a possibility.

His butt.

There are two brothers who made everything in the world, on good, one bad. I like this idea, cause of my Cain and Abel love.

So this is a detail of the good brother, who made everything good.
He looks like a girl, but I like that. He's pretty. P.S. I don't know what Iroquois clothes look like, I think they are more cloth rather then hide, but they are like the first people, so maybe they didn't know how to weave yet.

The brother who made everything bad. Eventually, the good brother kills him (Reverse Cain/Abel)!
He looks lame. But It's hard to paint small. This picture is bigger then the real thing, so it looks way worse. Hmm. Whatever. The first two you need to see in person cause you need to turn it in your hands.

Coyote. He is always fun. I like how sometimes coyote is a person, sometimes he is a coyote, and the stories never explain which one he is. He changes back in forth in your mind as the story goes on.

Raven is the same as coyote. They are the most fun characters, cause they are kind of assholes.

Corn Husk doll. Apparently she was so vain that someone stole her face. (I forget who. The Great Spirit or something). I don't know who the Great Spirit is... a person? An energy force? The turtle? It's just as confusing as the Holy Ghost. What the fuck is that?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Doodlewall!!

another t shit i made. this time its from a frank miller drawing in the dark knight returns. wearing this one tomorrow.

where we left off:

love you guys. also a poem we read in class today:

So You Think You Know Scheherazad

So you think you know Scheherazad
So you think she tells you bedtime stories
that will please and soothe,
invents fairy creatures
who will grand you wishes

Scheherazad invents nothing
Scheherazad awakens
the demons under your bed
They were always there
She locks you in with them

And when you struggle to escape from them,
and when you run
to the very end of the corridor, you find
that it leads only to another corridor
and every door you open is a false door
and suddenly you find yourself in a room
within a room within a room within a room
and suddenly you find yourself forced to meet them,
the demons she unleashes,
the terrors that come from
within you and within her
and suddenly Scheherazad is nowhere to be found
but the stories she unlocked go on and on--

This is the power of the telling of a story--
and suddenly you find yourself
swimming through the sea to the Reef of Extremity,
flying to the Valley of All that is Possible,
walking barefoot on a blade
over the Chasm of Flames,
landing in a field where you wrestle with Iblis,

whose form changes into your love
into Death, into knowledge, into God
whose face changes into Scheherazad--

And suddenly you find yourself

The poem is by Mohja Kahf and I like what it says about the nature of stories and the storyteller.