Monday, December 15, 2008

two finals down, two to go! woooo.
okay, so i was doing my traditional end-of-semester purging of my living space, and i found some old comic pages i had discarded (don't worry, i am now keeping them all in a folder, even if i am never going to use them) and i was reminded of why i've resisted doing a graphic novel for so long. the medium requires consistency, which i severely lack.
exhibit a:
these are pages that i did a couple of weeks before i moved out of my room in huntington beach.
this is a page i did a couple of weeks into classes at reed:
these are a part of a relatively lengthy effort sustained over the past several weeks:
yet another sylistic change:

up to my most current endeavor, whereupon i switched over from the pain in the ass that is trying to keep a slew of loose leaf bristol board pages in one place to a sketchbook:

thus concludes my argument as to why rachael should never be a professional graphic novelist of any kind.

the end.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i would send this to you on facebook, but i've banned myself from using it until finals are over (it probably won't help much, but it can't possibly hurt).
anyway, i'm not much into the optical illusions thing, but i thought this was really cool:
hope you guys are doing well. good luck on finals! can't wait to see all of you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Remember when Allison said she was the only one who ever posted....

Dont tell me you guys are to busy with finals to post shit...

Some doodle from my sketchbook. Its kindof an idea for a 2D prodject I am doing about Michigan.... I guess youll see when Im done...

Part of my 12 hour self portrait. 1 Hour down... I dont know how to fit 12 hours into this shit.

A bigger part of my Michigan project...

My optical illusion on a puzzle. I am not super happy with it, but enough. Since its on a puzzle and I cant use it for my portfolio, I dont feel like spending too much time on it. Also, its for my 3D class, which blows anyway.
My side of the room. On my wall I have monster sex pictures, pictures of my siblings, posters of james dean adn some kid names barazani, and on the ceiling are all these old japanese karate comic covers. I got like 50 of them for 5 bucks.

Read backwards, assholes. I am Leonardo Da Vinci, with all my writing backwards...I MISS YOU BITCHESSSSSSSSSS...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fuck you, I am posting.

St. Augustine, the horniest saint. I love that he said this...

The Golden Compass is just the raddest thing ever. I want a daemon. Lyra is just about the coolest kid ever. Shes a little snot nosed liar. Also, I love when Pan is an ermine. You know, I learned something. Illustration is just fanart. I dont have to be all "I am drawing fanart..." I can be all "I am illustrating this book." Different.

David and Goliath. David gives me a total boner. I love Donatellos David. Its about the most erotic thing I have ever seen. Look it up. (I think the only thing I talk about on this blog is stuff I think is hot, and it is ussually biblical stuff. Weird.) Also, Michelangelos Davids hands are AMAZING! I understand the attraction to veiny hands/arms, and men now.

I drew these in English class, and tried to keep my hand over his little boy penis, so I wouldnt be arrested or something.

I decided to try to make an optical illusion for my class. This is my first draft. It eventually will be a face (preferably Jesus) which turns into the scene of Mary ande Gabriel in Anunciation. I need to focus less on the scene and more on the face...

Oh nooooo. FanArt. This dude from my favorite online comic, Goodbye Chains. Its good. Its a western about this communist dude who is trying to stop the spread of capitalism in the west by blowing shit up. Also, he is friends with a mexican bank robber (its a western, you have to have bank robbers). Will they shebang? Who knows, but I have my fingers crossed.

WTF. IDK. (OMG chatspeak!)

I told you guys i'd end up being the only person who posts on this thing

I made this.  i cut the face out of the new york times.  its really creepy when i move my eyes.  

p.s. dakota, i got your letter and i would call you to talk about it but...wait...i already did...and your phone has been turned off for the past two days.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The President Elect

I really like this for some reason.  Also i think it's depressing.  The sign says 'happy birthday mom!!'

I really like this one too, with the hands.

Have any of you guys noticed the startling similarities between our 'president elect' Barack Obama, and the pokemon gym leader Brock?  First of all there is the name.  It's like the same name.  Second of all they are both black (this is arguable, but they both have brown skin anyways).  Thirdly their fathers ran away when they were young.  THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON.  Brock is going to be our president.

back from outerspace, its david bowie! (or bowy as dakota writes)

Allison's redneck adventure:

as you guys are aware of, my aunt married a redneck.  thus i have a redneck extended family, whom i stayed with for most of thanksgiving break.  I spent most of the time being depressed about my pro-military-the-human-race-deserves-to-die-all-they-do-is-hate-even-you-hate-me-allison-i-am-going-to-die-for-my-country, previously really-sweet-considerate-chivalrous-fun-talk-to-for-hours-best-buddy cousin sean, but the other times i was doing redneck things like helping neighbors hang dead dears they shot.  one of them was a six point and it was so beautiful.  even though it was gutted already and blood was dripping out of its mouth it was still gorgeous.  is that weird?  i mean part of it being beautiful was its long neck and how limp it was.  i guess that is kindof weird.  plus (i told you already) i shot guns.

(pictured below from left to right)  the shells of the guns i shot:
12 gauge shotgun, AK47, 45 XD pistol (what liz shoots in hellboy II), 380 pistol, 22 long rifle and pistol. (the rifle and pistol shot the same caliber bullets so i only took one shell for those two guns)

This is from life.  It shouldn't count as a doodle since i spent at least an hour on it, but i am really proud of myself so i'm putting it up. it looks even better in real life, i can't wait to show it to you guys when i come home.  this gun belonged to my cousin's grandfather.  it is a real cowboy gun and it shot the .22 cal which is the smallest shell i am holding in my hand in the above picture.   I was so in the zone when i was drawing this.  eventually i didn't even see the gun, all i saw were so many lines and colors.  Actually, i didn't like that, staring at it so long that all i saw were lines.  Even though it made me draw better, the gun lost its meaning while i was drawing it and it became only lines and shapes. 

so it was like four am and i was experimentin with negative pictures in the dark.  and guess what? i'm so scary in negative in the dark!  look at how scary i am! its like a japanese horror movie!  just imagine this head like, coming out of your toilet.

I look like an anime character in this one don't i?  isn't that weird?  I look like tidus on the cover of ffx.  

The snake is saying, 'hehehe' i think this is so silly. i love it.  this is also from my latin homework.  Sometimes when i am supposed to be doing my homework and drawing instead, i think to myself, "if what i really like to do is draw, then instead of doing homework i should take art class or go to art school." but then i remember that i slacked off in art lab too.

This is from a few months ago.  You guys, i am a wonder with a black pen.

In Latin today i just kept drawing delicious cinnamon rolls.  i actually don't like cinnamon rolls when they have icing on top, but i drew icing anyways.  Sorry this is hard to see.  i drew it really small and my camera sucks.

i love you guys!  just two more weeks and then we'll all be together again!  i miss you.  miss you. miss you. miss you. and love you. love you. love you.

-the divine ms. m

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More doodles and The Road stuff... by Dakota

St Sebastian. I love him so much.
St. John the Baptist. I also have a huge boner for him. I wanna touch his nipples.

Cowboys. (I love how when I say cowboys, people think "gay." Thanks Brokeback Mountain).

Another St. John the Baptist...
My first The Road drawing. I drew this before I knew Viggo Mortenson was the Man, and I am suprised at how much it looks like his characters design. Longer hair, I guess. I imagine the boy with long hair. I hope he has long hair in the beggining at least. There is a great scene in the book where the man cuts the boys hair, and I hope its in the movie.
Another The Road drawing...
Another one...

I like this one. I think this is the moment where the boy sees something shocking, and the man is trying to comfort him. I dont want to say what the shocking thing is, because then it wont shock you when you read it. (Or watch the movie, I guess).

Close up.

Black and white. I dont know which I like better...

Dakota says Read the Road

Read this book. Oh man. It is so good.

I hope the movie is good. Viggo Mortenson seems like the right actor. Someone scruffy, tough, who you would want to be your dad, but also want to do a little bit, and who can be gruff, but still tender.

The boy looks OK. As long as he can act pretty well. Act like he's totally dead inside, except for a teeny tiny bit. Will that teeny bit be smashed? WE WILL SEE. Nothing is more depressing then a ten year old kid saying they would rather be dead.

Also, I hope he has long hair. In the book he has long hair, and it ads to his freaky, animal-child thing.

And I didnt think "Oh, HOT! Father/Son action" except when I thought "Oh, wow, I am not thinking Father/Son action!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dakota Is Doomed

Okay, some doodles here.
Okay guys, I am doomed. Let me tell you why.
The two most romantic things I have ever read are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Earthly Joys.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof's romance is a triangle. Brick's best friend drank himself to death because Brick spurning his romantic advances. Brick is now totally obsessed with his dead friend and drinks constantly and neglets his wife, who loves him even more for it. The whole think is so fucking romantic, and it does not take long to read. I reccomend it. (That is only a bit of the story, it was writted in the 50's so the romance is SO subtle).

Also, I just finished Earthly Joys, which happens in the 1600's where a gardner is the servant to the Duke of Buckingham. The Duke of Buckingham is the male mistress of James I and his son Charled I (and that part is real!) The Duke spends all the kings money that the king is supposed to spend on the people, and thousands of people are dead or dying because of him. Its the story of the Dukes servant who is horribly in loyal to and in love with the Duke. I think it was so great because hundreds and hundreds of pages go by before anything happens. He is so tortured. And barely any hanky panky goes on, before the Duke is assasinated. His servant has the chance to save the Duke, but doesnt for the sake of the county.

If you were in love with someone, but you knew their death would be in the best interest of your country, would you let them be killed?
I am doomed because I love tragic romance. I love when the people dont end up together, and when the people are riddled with guilt, and cant be together. I love it so much. Forbidden Love. Its not interesting what the outside word thinks, but I love when the characters are filled with seld doubt and loathing.

I think thats why I like gay man lovin'. Who is more self hating and insecure then a gay guy in the 50's or 18, 17, 1600s. Nobody. Women are to sensitive to have raw self hatred which they take out on their lover. Its tragic.

And it doesnt bode well for my future relationships.

I have a history of it. When I was little I though Pochahantas was the most romantic Disney movie. (Now its Beauty and the Beast, but thats a while other freaky can of worms).

I am doomed.

Just a doodle of some girl.

After reading Earthly Joys, I had to draw some Duke of Buckingham. He was supposed to be so sexy.

I want to be a king with a harem. That would be so rad. They kept describing King James' courtesans, who dressed all sexy, and wore white makeup and you could totally could see a ton of the ladies tits.

A doodle I did in history class of some of his Harem. I would stick my dick in both their buttholes. I like the white makeup with slutty make up on top thing. Its like a mime/prostitute. HOT.
I need to get out of my romantic funk.