Tuesday, August 24, 2010

O hai.

Kinda going through a weird yellow phase right now.

I haven't watched "Kill Bill," but I was listening to Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (You Shot Me Down)" while drawing this. Weird thematic/color scheme coherence ensued.

I realize the way I drew this one is pretty nondescript so it could just be two well-groomed guys, but it's supposed to be Bruce Wayne (left, heavy Christian Bale influence in case you couldn't tell) and Clark Kent (right).

Space CIty Video

This song covers the operation of the goods. My grandpa made 8mm video from its own spacecraft. Translation party is awesome. This is my cover of a drive-by truckers song, "Space City." I made this video for it using footage of rocket boosters falling back to earth and short videos I made of my grandpa's old 8mm projector. For the best viewing, I recommend full screen and headphones. Hope you guys like it!

Space City from Adam LaMotte on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photoshop got me pregnant, it's a shotgun wedding.

OK, there is a lot of digital art here, but it's not that I haven't been doing any traditional art. I am slowly plugging along at my comic, and doing self indulgent sketches. I'm just taking a photoshop class and want to learn the digital medium as much as I can while I have instruction. Also, it's really fun.

This was for my photoshop class. We had to make a magazine cover with certain tools and things that we had learned in class. I made mine like a spoof on gossip magazines. Butttt about stuff you have probably heard me talk about before. (Victorian fashion, Oscar Wilde, and sexysexy Prince Albert and his sexy hair and sexy weird mustache).

Here is a picture I made while listening to lot's of Nat King Cole, who is so suave and I want to rub my face on his face. He's just so suave.

Did this to see how to do a ghost effect thing, and as a quickie for a deviant art couple contest. Not crazy happy with it, but learned some stuff.

Did this quickie yesterday, Bruce and Superman.

Did this awhile ago. I just liked the idea of the Robin's relaxing.

These next ones are all part of this decade series I am doing, and the great thing about a series is that it makes you draw tons of stuff that is NOT in the series.
Anyway, this is the first one, the Aughts or Zeroes. There is no good name. I just thought of JC Leyendecker, who I think Rachael might like, cause he draws BEAUTIFUL aryan looking men a lot. So handsome. So handsome.

This is the Ten's picture. It is totally based on Tadzio from Death in Venice, which I have rewatched. The swimsuits and clothes and colors are so sexy. I wish those swimsuits were popular again.

The Twenties. I just wanted to draw drag...

The Thirties. An orange grove. I tried to draw this while on pain meds for my wisdom teeth, and Colton said "Is that Jim and Dwight?" (From The Office. That's not a compliment).

The Forties. This was a fun experiment that I don't really love the end result of. I was trying line-less art. But I love Navy uniforms.

The Fifties. This is the first picture I drew COMPLETELY DIGITALLY. Do you get it? This picture does not exist in the physical realm. Doesn't that blow your mind?

The Sixties. This was inspired by Stonewall, where Butches and Drag Queen were some of the first people fighting back, and I thought that was a great team.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sooo I've been pretty much working full time so the arting has been low. Here are some doodles i've done. 

I have a bad habit of drawing on myself.  This one reminds me of some of the artists rachael used to follow. Not sure their names or anything, but it seems a bit rachael-y

Another weirdo drawing on my leg. Had to rub it off before teaching camps.

So one night I come home, its like 10:15 and I look at the paintings the landlady keeps on the walls and am just like, 'these suck, i hate them.' So really really quickly i made a spraypaint batman head.
It isn't the best quality, I did it in under 45min, but at least i don't have to look at the stupid pathway under trees anymore.
I was thinking the other day about how this website was supposed to be an extension of the doodle wall at sage which was supposed to be an 'everyone can draw, everything is art!' sort of thing, but now it has a lot of quality full art pieces.  not that this is bad, just something i noticed.  i will be posting more doodles once the school year starts. I also had an idea of bringing back sketchbook assignments (remember anthony neil?) since those were so much fun, but making them really low pressure. as in for a submission you could turn in a picture you took, or chalkboard doodle. no full compositions required. 


p.s. you should check out my friend mike (and bishop)'s (and laura too i guess) house cooking blog I GET TO EAT THIS STUFF!!!