Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Doodles... by Dakota

I don't know what this is. Some kid in a shitty suit.

Some Irishmen. I've been looking at those old western photographs on flickr. Those are great. Where everyone sits and stares at the camera without smiling.

Another one except with characters from my favorite guilty pleasure book, God Eaters. It's one of those books where you read it, then when you're finished you wish you hadn't just read it cause you wanna read it again. Thats where I'm at.
Uuuuh. Some girl.
Other girls...
I like the look of blind contours, but not the whole "looks like shit" part. But the continuos line looks cool. This is not really blind or continuos. I faked it all.

God or something... Moses? Zeus? Abraham? They all look alike.

Girl/Mountain or something. It was fun. I'm gonna make more.
Some handsome dude. I think so anyway.

John the Baptist and HeyZeus.  I am going to hell.

Did you guys ever read The Owl and the Pussycat? I always loved that poem. When I was little I thought it was pretty romantic. 

Okay, maybe someday soon I will have something good to show, now it's just doodles from my sketchbook. Cool stuff laterrr.

Monday, March 23, 2009



that's neil patrick harris to you guys.  
i don't even care that he's gay.

Listen to his voice!  <-- those are links btw

Friday, March 13, 2009


The edges of this got cut out for some reason, but you get the general idea.
a.k.a. fuck you dakota.

You all need to watch dr. horrible's sing-along blog, you can watch the whole thing on hulu.

-Allison, over and out.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dakota+Lincoln FEREVER

Ok, these are just silly. Like, really. Dumb.

You know what's even dumber. The movie The Patriot. I decided to watch it after drawing these comics. It's basically an excuse to show Mel Gibson with a ponytail killing people and saying cool dramatic lines.
It's bad enough to be like "Ug." Every couple of seconds, but not bad enough to stop watching. 
At least the two hottest characters get some action together. The bad guy (Jason Isaacs) totally penetrates Heath Ledger. 
... Unfortunately its with his sword.

As far as I can tell the Revolutionary War was the sexiest war. Men with ponytails in uniforms. Awesome.

The British are Coming!


Dude. It took my like eight tries to upload this. Whatever. Done on the same day as my last post.

P.S. You know how I get priority over dead men and women? Do you know what that means? I get Michelle Obama.
Betchu wish you were lesbo now, huh?
Too bad. She's mine. And Baracks. I'll share.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

like whoah

step 1: hear about sherman alexie at the 2006 diversity conference in seattle, realize he is funny

step 2: see a kickass book cover in the library, realize it is sheman alexie

step 3: read it, cry, love it, read his other stuff, cry, love it

step 4: con friend into making shirts so you can split the $$ for spray paint

step 5: stencil and spray paint kick ass shirt of kick ass book, yours is supremely better than your "friend's"

step 6: wear shirt to guest lecture he is giving, have him notice you from afar and have him come to you with arms open and jaw dropped saying, "whoah!!!" He is very impressed.

step 7: he then calls you his favorite people and asks another lady to use his cellphone to take a picture of you with him  (you know that lady was shitting her pants that he asked her to take the picture) and you know he's gonna show that picture to his wife

step 8: everybody is jealous and they ask you where you got your Flight t-shirts.  haha MADE 'EM BITCHES!!!

step 9: you ask him to sign your shirt.  he feels uncomfortable about signing the boob, but does so on the stomach.  Sherman Alexie seems pretty flustered and says "you have good you have great abs" while signing your 'abs'

step 10: jizz your pants for the next twenty four hours.

rachael: its like when you went to see nickel creek and they were all flipping a shit because you drew them. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

FUCK YEAH SPORCLE! I can name all of the presidents, bitch. In order... mostly.

Allison, I cant believe you gave me that link so close to midterms. I fucking hate you so bad right now.
Maybe I can say "Oh, didn't have time to finish that project, but want me to name all the states and presidents for you? I can also name all of King Henry VIII's wives in order, or all of the Egyptian plagues perhaps? The Seven Deadly Sins? The Ten Commandments? I can do all of that."

Anyway, here are some fucking doodles. I did all these in math class on tuesday. I also have another comic about Lincoln, but it wont upload right now. Ill put it in later when it stops being a bitch.

John and Mary at the crucifixion. Yes, I know John looks like a girl. He is "the cute one" of the 12. That why Jesus call him "beloved."

Amelia Earhart. Twice. In some of her pictures she looks like a boy, and in some a woman, but either way I want to have sex with her. Or watch the two versions of her have sex with each other.

Jesus and John again, at the Last Supper. I am not even making this shit up. It happens.

I was really bored. And I don't get this part.

Oscar and Bosie (Alfred Douglass). I have two images of Oscar Wilde. A super confident clever asshole, and a pathetic dog at the beck and call of Bosie. I fucking hate Bosie more then I should. He never appreciated that he had the heart of a literary genius in his hands. I would have taken much better care of it.
Maybe I am just jealous.

Also, speaking of the 10 Commandments. Watch this video.

This guy is such a douche...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is Dakota...

Okay, just a lot of random stuff. Some is old, some isn't...

Lots of stuff up here...
America has the sexiest Founders.

My History teacher, Nadja. I have kind of a crush on her. 

Some lifedrawing...

Ok, thats it for lifedrawing...

I had so much fun doing this one. Thats St. Sebastian, and the girls vagina flaps (wings?) lift up, and their is a watercolor of eggs in a nest.

Allison did this for me. Its on my wall. I freaking love Robins baby fat. And Batmans expression is priceless. He's like embarrassed/possesive. Like "Don't look at Robin. Mine." My friends think I am super weird for having this up, and think Allison is super weird for making it.

Jesus and the Rich Man. I didnt mean to make Jesus' skin so dark, but its acrylic ink, so I couldnt fix it, and y'know... whatever.

Frida Kahlo. 
Some boys. I did this after reading The Road, I was thinking post-apocolyptal.
St. John the Baptist. I always imagine him looking just like Jesus... they were cousins. But since he lived outside, and ate locusts and wore animal skins and stuff, I now imagine him with dreads and stuff.

I just got this idea in my head and started painting this, and ended up just painting for 2 hours to finish this. Its about a foot tall. 


yeah for some reason i've been drawing duck-turtles a lot.  i should have saved the others but here's one of them:

I watched beauty and the beast with some of my friends last night and we determined that the beast is a buffalo-bear.  And then every time he did anything we said, "i'm a buffalo-bear!" and then everything became funny.  Also when he turns around and he's human and he has that deer-in-the-headlights look, i said "I"M GAY!" and it was also very funny.  Yes i am telling you how funny i am.

It's Monkey Maddness!! (madness is spelled that way on purpose)

whoah, what was with the backgrounds being sherman alexie books?  oh yeah! I'm going to see him this friday! wow!

I was really bored one day last week. I don't remember which. I didn't want to deal with anyone on my floor cuz i was feeling weirdly stressed out, so i did a still life.  I know right! I hate still lives.  But doing this one was strangely therapeutic.  I felt so relaxed afterwards.  But i do feel like I am losing the art skills i built up last year.  whoops. 

Miss you guys.  p.s. cousin sean's coming to visit me this saturday! woooo!

P.s. Rachael: listen to blue by joni mitchell.  the begining piano part sounds just like the gran torino score.