Saturday, October 9, 2010


So, more stuff.

Another sidekick pin up, I did Spock, (and a bit of Kirk).

Just drew these after seeing all these cute girls walking around downtown. I wanted to draw skateboard girls, bright colors and a Shirley Temple-ish girl.

These next two I did after hearing a podcast about ninja...

I heard about this kid who let moths into a mans house, the moths covered the lights, and he snuck in under cover of darkness and killed the man.

Here's Prince Yamato, sometimes seen as the first ninja.

To kill his enemies he disguised himself as a woman so as to get close to them.

Basically, he Bugs Bunnied them.

I really wanted to draw pink cheeks/inner thighs, and these posed/foreshortened hands. Still working on color, and trying to keep it simple.

I actually have no way to explain this to you, without explaining like every episode of Sherlock. Just thought I'd post it. (Also, I don't keep posting art from this show to tell you dudes to watch it. I'm not sure you would like it. I actually feel you might actively dislike it...)

I can't believe it took me so long to draw crossdressing-Holmes, considering that shit is CANNON baby.

Also, I got REALLY into corsets for like 24 hours, where I thought they were the sexiest ever and was amazed at how changed the body became with a corset, and a even found stuff on male corsetting, but now I think I'm over it. It kinda spooked me towards the end, with the people who go too extreme. But I'm still mildly into it, just, the passion is gone.

P.S. More and more I am realizing I only like about 3 colors. Turquoise, brown and grey. Red is nice when it goes with turquoise. I think I am going to do some color play to get me out of this compulsion. I mean, I like these colors, and am OK with favoring them, but right now I feel like I HAVE to use them. So I wanna try some new shit.

Some Holmes/Watson fanart, where I am trying to avoid using cooler colors and turquoise, since that is all I use.

Some more Batwoman and Renee fanart. Good subjects for warmer colors.

For the Study in Lavender: The Queering of Sherlock Holmes book. They had a very specific image in mind, and I think it's a pretty fun idea. Since you guys might not know who all the Holmes characters are, Holmes and Watson are in one window, Mrs. Hudson and another lady (could be Irene Adler or Mary Morstan) are in the other window and out front is Inspector Lestrade and one of Holmes' "irregulars" who are like his little spies. This was pretty fun to do, and I liked their ideas, and was happy that the Hudson/Adler window was the publishers idea, especially since it is a publishing company focused on gay men. So that's pretty neat of them.

More Sherlock stuff, and more using warm colors. I miss blue and turquoise...
Anddd I just did this one. My friend asked me if I was into gore and violence about a month ago, and I said "No, not really." And I think I was telling the truth, but immediately afterward I have been desperately wanting to draw blood and violence. I don't know what that is about.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

happy birthday mike liu!

Collaborative effort b/t me, carrie, and padma.

Our favorite musi-clim-baker-masseuse turns 20!

Be sure to check out his super yummy baking blog

And as you're perusing, remember that I get to eat them sometimes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Morrre sidekick pinups, and some Wonder Woman fappery (Added some Sherlock fanfart and Allisons Desktop)

I have been doing these flat colored thing a lot, in part because I don't have much time, but am still really compelled to draw, and can only do it in class, in between class or late at night when I reallyreally need to be sleeping (usually then). But also, I am liking the design like, flat feel of these, and trying to do limited color schemes, since I think my color theory needs a lot of work. These are good experiments for that.

Another sidekick pin up, this one is of the BBC Sherlock show's John Watson. The actor who plays him, Martin Freeman, is ninja sexy. You have no idea he's a total babe, and then BAMF! You are in love with him.
This was from the last part of the last episode, where John is taken hostage and has a bomb strapped to his chest and Sherlock has to save him and OHMANITWASSEXY.
I actually like this one. I like the colors, and his face turned out like John's, which is good.

This one is just silly, since it's impossibly to make Kenneth sexy, I didn't even try. I wanted to do a pin up of the 30 Rock sidekicks, since after Liz and Jack, Kenneth, Dot Com and Grizz are my favorite characters, and they are all Tracy's sidekicks, so it works.
(Yes, I know I just named 5 favorite characters).
This actually super sucked to draw. I don't know if I got Kenneth's face right, I basically paused the show on his least totally dumb face and drew it, but I think Grizz and Dot Com are recognizable (maybe cause only half the face is even showing).

I realized I hadn't drawn women in awhile, and so I did a quick drawing of some butch ladies. Then I gave myself only a few colors and had to repeat them, and keep the color palette limited. It's pretty fun. I really like doing these exercises, and I think my grasp on color theory is getting slightly better, but I can see myself getting stuck in some colors, so I am going to need to explore other ones too.

Now I have two Wonder Woman pictures. First, I wanted to draw a badass and bloody Wonder Woman. Not much to say besides that.

Even though I don't like the song that much, I like watching the video for "Telephone" and Beyonce's little short bangs just KILL ME. (Unfortunatley, I decided she would be adjusting hertiara, and now my urge to draw her bangs are NOT SATED).
And I remembered there were rumors (like, 5 years ago) that she was in the running to play Wonder Woman, and I totally love that idea. I think she could be badass!

More BBC Sherlock stuff. This show really makes me want to draw. It's some fanart for a fanfiction. (THAT'S RIGHT I'M NOT ASHAMED). It's... really good. I love drawing these dudes. Their faces are so weird and I like trying to figure it out.

Update: The two BBC Sherlock things got popular on deviantart, like, fast. It's weird, cause I didn't know there was a big fanbase for this show. Awesome. That's pretty cool, since this show makes me wanna do fanart badddd, and it;s fun to be into stuff when everyone else is into it. Usually I come into a fandom a couple years too late, and everyone else is over it.

Allison, your desktop. I think my favorite times with you is when we are making things, like when we would just hang out and make puppets, or cards or shirts or stencils. I don't often make THINGS when I'm not with you, so I wanted to show you doing collage. I want to do it sometimes, but it's not really the same by myself.

Also, I don't know about likeness, you're eyebrows are hard to get down in a graphic style, since they aren't really dark. And I am making a face, since I always make faces when I draw. I kept making faces drawing this. And when I draw a person smiling or being angry, I often make that face, and sometimes classmates ask me what I'm doing...
As for the color scheme, I remember your red sweatshirt, and my favorite color with red is turquoise, so I went with bluer tones for the rest of the picture. Which I thought went with the meditative thing we can get into when making shit. But sometimes it's fun and exciting, so I can make a brighter one if you want.

I hope you like it.