Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi you guys...(It's me... Dakota).

So, I haven't posted in awhile. But I have begun doodling again...

So first... THE KISS OF JUDAS...
I doodled this in class today. I don't even really know if its funny. But really, you can't blame Judas, with Jesus being so handsome all the time.

Judas/Jesus is rad, but you know that it wasn't for real. Cause Jesus was actually into John. Seriously. John was "The apostle Jesus loved." Also, he fainted onto Jesus' chest during the Last Supper, and he was the only one who was young and hot.

I think I crossed over the line between eccentric and bad person...

Some sailor-boy. Whenever I say that I think of "soulja-boy."

Another of my doodling Jesus. (Doesnt that sound kinda dirty?) Its when Jesus is condemned and that dude washes his hands of responsibility. That part was a bummer. I dont really get why the Jews chose to free that other guy instead of Jesus.
Speaking of that, I don't get alot of the Bible. Like, why did Jesus kill the fig tree? And he got mad at some guy who wanted to bury his father before following him. And he says "respect your parents and be obedient" but then he says "leave your family and come with me." What the heck, Jesus? Your making it really hard for your followers. I guess its easier if you dont really think about it... which is 90% of Christians. Eughh. I wonder if they even read the Bible...

Some dudes...
I've taken a leaf from Rachaels book and started drawing people I want to have freaky sex with. (Ok, maybe Rachael doesn't want to have freaky sex, but you know what I mean). This is Tennessee Williams. Damnnn.
This picture taught me that I really suck at drawing from photos. Its supposed to be Tilda Swinton, but it looks wrong cause her forehead is about twice the size of this. I want to have super freaky, masochistic sex with her. Like whoah. Rachael, I know you probably cant understand this because you have boring taste in women. And men. I mean, really, your all into handsome and stuff. BO-ring.

John Henry. What a Hunk. I have been drawing him and drawing him. I kind of have the biggest crush on him ever.

Two gayboys. Yeah...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

so we're drawing draped objects in art class.
10-15 mins
1 hr
1 hr. i title this one "freud."
i think i might actually have it in me to finish this thing. it's been in the works for six months now (counting writing, development, etc.) and i'm still going pretty strong. it's gonna take forever but it'll be so cool to have a finished product.

also, i'm adopting the first age-appropriate member of my harem: hunter parrish from "weeds."
i don't know why there aren't any good pictures of him on the internet. seasons 1-3 he's kind of a baby face but season 4 he bulks up and gets a haircut and DAYUMMMM.
mary louise parker is pretty hot, too.

and on a totally unrelated note, found this wonderful picture of jason bateman on the internetz.

missing all of you.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

oops forgot one

visit me you motherfuckers

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The tired other

Hey chikitas.  I have once again been doodling on my notes all over the place.  
Guess what i've been thinking about in class?

Cookies in the oven, cupcakes, ice cream, cake, brownies, pancakes...

More cookies, toast, waffles, maple syrup, yogurt, pie, toast, butter, pizza, juice, grilled cheese etc.  It's amazing I am hungry ALL THE TIME these days.  I want to eat all the time. 

Whoah! I got fat!

Below: it says GO TO WORK MOUSE!

Chyeah.  just doodles. thas all. nothing good or artsy and what snot.  


Monday, February 2, 2009

Dakotas Photoshit

DUDESSS! I kinda know how to use photoshopppp! I just sat my ass down in front of a school computer, and said "Goddamn it Photoshop, you harpy! You tempteress! You whore! I will learn you!"

So, three hours later I learned how to kind of make layers, and color under line art with the brush tool. I cant use any other tools, except the clone tool. I even mess up the paint bucket. Fuckkk.

My first attempt. I drew a quick line art so I would have something to color in. And then it took me forever to do this. It would have been faster for me to watercolor that ho.

This was so embarrassing to do. I kept doing it when it was super zoomed in so nobody knew I was drawing fanart. Stupid fanart too. All romantic and shit. Actually, if you call fanart "illustration" it sounds less dumb. "I did an illustration" vs. "I did some dumbass fanart." And why are they both looking in different directions? Because Pocahontas is looking at Meeko, the raccoon on one side, and John Smith is looking at the hummingbird on the other. Also, they are feeling awkward with each other because John Smiths boner is digging into her back...

Believe me guys, there is more fanart in my sketchbook. I have the John Smith bug. He is a total slut, with his shirt falling off all the time, and I need to draw it.

So, Allison, I know you can use photoshop. Maybe someday you can teach me to do something besides flat colors. Or maybe Ill be better after five hours of computer sitting. My eyes hurt so fucking bad after that.

Also, in the cartoon, John Smiths pupils are not black, but just a darker blue. Thats what makes them so pretty and blue-ish. That was fun...

Also, check this shit out...

This is a deleted song from the movie, which I actually like. The script before the song is so dumb, but the song is kind of cute.

And this is another deleted song, which is kind of cute, but Kokuom (how do you spell that?) totally makes this, by singing.
So we had to make a portfolio for art class. What you see before you is constructed from cardboard, leftover candle tins that you get from IKEA, hair ties, paper clips, duct tape, and acrylic paint.

aerial view:verso:
the red winds back around to the front.

also, i'm hooked on "weeds." it's a good show. watch it.