Thursday, May 27, 2010

Photoshop is my new main squeeze.

Not really, but I am having a lot of fun with it. I can color my lineart in a fun, semi-mindless way. I go into a really great art coma. I have more stuff from finals, but until I find a good way to photograph it, I'll post stuff I've done since coming home.

Ohhhh man Nightwing is awesome. And you know, Robin has been my favorite since I was in Kindergarten. I just freaking love reading about them interacting. So reading Red Robin and other stuff like that makes me make things like this. (This is Dick and Tim by the way).

More Batwoman, and Alice, one of her first villains. I just can't wait for her to start crossing over into the pre established Bat-verse. When she met Batman for the first time I squealed.

I wanted to do a boy boob. So I drew Abel in a slutty outfit. I am so happy to be getting back to the comic. I have finally finished the 2nd part, and at the end of the 3rd part, one of the brothers starts to have complicated feelings for the other. It's about to get awesome.

I'm reading this book, Stone Butch Blues, and it's so good. But even before that I had a strong desire to draw butches and looks at butches and be near butches and and and and I can't think of anything I wouldn't want to do with butches.

Also, I put this on deviantart and I was happy to see it's pretty popular. There are people have the same taste as me!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

maybe i'll scan these so you can see them better...

Birthday card for dad, there're some footprints and inside it says something cute about following in his footsteps

self portrait? i dunno, i had extra paper and made this. i think i really like cutting stuff out of paper.

p.s. ashley and i visited the studio today and mcmahon has TWO of my artstuffs hung up in the digital art room and dakota only has ONE.  albeit it is a huge one. kimya has something too i think. (i know at this point rachael is thinking: oh god allison its not a contest) whatever, i win!  (just kidding because dakota is at art school so she wins anyways :/ )

Sunday, May 23, 2010

still not dead!

Amanda and I made this get well card for her friend's dad who recently had a brain operation. cute huh?

Then i thought it'd be cute if we made bookmarks for each other (i've been using a coupon recently...) So I made a typical, nice looking bookmark and amanda made a kickass awesome bookmark.  as you can see hers has a tail made out of a streamer that sticks out of the book. Mine is the boat one and amanda's is superman fighting an alien who is holding (kindof unclearly labled) in one hand lois lane and in the other red kryptonite. also labled although upside down is the 'kent farm'

On the back of mine i have an encouraging quote and superman's cape lifts to reveal his red undies.

making stuff with amanda is defffinitely one of my favorite things to do.

p.s. she heard the song tiny dancer the other day and i was telling her its elton john. 'do you know who elton john is?' I asked her.  Her response: 'yeah, he's that puppet dakota made' -_-

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


OK, done with my first movie for this semester! Should be done with the next one pretty soon. Hopefully by Tuesday, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty glad that I got this done in a month, while doing other school stuff and the other animation. I may make some small changes to the audio, but not for awhile, not I have to bust ass on my other millions of projects.

Inspired by, but not really based on, the song Reynardine, sung by Anne Briggs or the Fairport Convention.

The Liege and Leaf album always makes me want to draw so bad.