Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey guys.

Due to specific requests from dakota here are some pictures of where i live.
This is the view from my window.
i couldn't get it in the picture very well, but you can see cayuga lake from the window as well as the sunset every single day.

This is padma my womb-mate walking in the arts quad on a beeeyoootiful day.

view of west campus


This next picture is from when i put my entire foot in a condom and carrie tried to eat it.

This is the actual art i have. (some of it i'll post later because i gave it to laura...)
I made her this t shirt for her birthday using contact paper (aka shelf paper) an exacto and black spray paint.  5 episodes of dexter.  do you know how long is an episode? 55 minutes.  That's like 5 hours of making a t-shirt.

over and out

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cowboy things...

I did this pretty quickly, but instead of a doodle it turned into a full thing. I like the idea, but I don't know about the execution. I do like the yellow dudes pants. I like the idea of old timey things done in these cute colors.

I think I will do more stuff like this, series in multiple colors, like the one I gave to you, Allison. The orgasm face in multi-pastely colors. Not cute things, in cute colors, multiple times. That sounds like the worst A.P. Concentration ever. Actually, this boy/man is too cute. If I am going to do it right, I should make him tough, mustached and ugly, then do him in pastels...

I feel kinda dumb posting again, with just one thing, but instead of doing alot of doodles, I have been doing fewer big things.


I finished working on Adams CD cover. I need a better photo, but this is the gist of it. It's still underwraps so this wont be on facebook for awhile, untill his CD comes out, probably. I really liked certain themes in his CD, like being out of control because of both inside forces (addiction, insanity, emotions) and outside forces (nature, other people).

I like the dog/wolf mostly. I need to make the brain and heart pinker. It will look better with the other photo. But I think I like it. Now I have to make a back cover, and some inside stuff.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I wasnt going to post this on the doodlewall yet cause it is only one drawing, but Allison said it was a betrayal to not post it.

So... presenting: Narcissus: A Happy Ending

I have already done something like this, but I got more and more pissed off at how crappy it looked, so I redid it. Now, I actually like stuff about the old one, and appreciate it more. Fuck. Also, this looks better in real life cause watercolor is really unphotogenic. Have you guys even noticed that? Acrylic and colored pencil is really nice, but watercolor is a bitch. And that is dick cause I love watercolor.

This is the old one. I actually like it better now, after I made the new one. I like the connecting hand, foot, but it didn't make sense for the new one, since it was more realistic. I also like their hair. But I hate the pannels, the outlines, and I dont know why I drew that flower instead of a narcissus flower. But the anatomy actually doesn't bother me. It's so off, and I did it on purpose, and I like the fat curvy elongated thing.

It seems I had a curl fetish even then.

When I told Brayden the real Narcissus story he got mad at me, and told me not to tell him bad stories anymore. He liked the happy ending, but said, "If they kiss each other, it will taste like a fish." I suppose because one was in the water... he didn't explain.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hello, here are some blurry images for y'all

This is my shelf, starring my newww RICE COOKER!! and my budding comic book library.

Roommate and her side

More of roommate's side as well as our fridge

My side

Favorite artwork of favorite song and favorite album. Art of the left by Laura Schwartz the amazing and on the right is by some dumb bitch i don't know, i found it in the trash.
Just kidding its by dakota.
sorry for the blurry images.

Over and Out

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working title: "Invictus"

The recent flurry of activity has made me feel like I should update.

Recently the vast majority of my free time (and some of the time when I should be working) has been spent dedicated to a desperate, doomed effort to hammer out a written draft of my comic book before school starts. I have next to nothing in terms of art at this point, but here are some progress notes.

The final cast list:
Christian Bale as Marco Capaldi (34): our suave, sexy, and oh-so-mentally-unstable antihero. Inherited the throne of the Italian-American mafia at age 17 (the governing body of the American Mafia, "the Commission", is actually currently a power-sharing agreement between the five most powerful crime families in the country; the system is designed specifically to prevent one man from having too much authority, but for the sake of the story I modeled the structure of the Commission after its early form in which one person is in control) from his father, infamous mob boss Delano Capaldi.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jared DiSano (no I did not do that on purpose) (32): Capaldi's childhood friend and second-in-command.
Jason Bateman as Frank Connors (39): Former operative for D'Asola Strategies LLC (see below). Married, father of two, retired from the world of military and political intrigue for a few peaceful years until he's dragged back into service as a result of Capaldi's rise to prominence.
Angelina Jolie as Gia Meric (42): Former executive of D'Asola Strategies LLC, a highly controversial private military company. D'Asola was previously one of the US government's largest private security contractors, but spent most of its years in the public eye fighting off accusations of espionage, perjury, torture, etc. As existing government agencies (i.e. the FBI and the CIA) get bogged down in controversy, the the need to create a new agency arises, which is how the State Security Agency is born. The SSA is essentially D'Asola working under a government charter; Meric is appointed Director of the SSA and retains most of her staff and (inter)national contacts in the transition.

Mary-Louise Parker as Leah Connors (40): Frank's wife of 12 years.

Daniel Craig as Aaron Anderson (48): Meric's second-in-command.

Marion Cotillard as Sonja Korhonen (26): I don't want to give anything away with her and I can't think of anything to put here without doing so.

I've figured out the major plot points; I know which characters are going to live and which ones are going to die. I'm in the middle of writing a couple of big dramatic scenes but none of them are really linked together yet. I've been wrestling with the story for over a year and I'm realllly hoping I can get something out of it, but let's just leave it at that there's lots of sex, betrayal, death, and Christian Bale walking around in a suit, so this can't go too horribly wrong.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lots of stuff...

Okay, first off, here is the T Shirt we made McMahon as a wedding present.

It took way longer to make then I thought it would. But I like it, and I think Allison likes it, and thats all that matters.
These next are just some sketchbook doodles.
Planning for Kelly Boharts Tatoo book. You know those Navy Pinup girl tatoos? I wanted to do a little Navy Tatoo boy.

Cowperson. Just wanted to draw the clothes.

A sketchbook page. I like the mustache man.

Done of the third baseman and shortstop at and Angels game. I love the way they stand when nothing is happening. The rest their mit on their hip, and lean and kick around like their bored. They are so casual, but on TV and in front of so many people!

More Angels.

Umpire and the Indians catcher. Can you believe they still have a team called the Indians? Their logo is so racist! And their is another team called the Redskins. I cant believe it.

A guy next to us watching the game. I liked the odd shape of his head.

For Kelly Boharts Tatoo/Body Art book. This one is about Scarification, which kind of totally turns me on. Not in a gothish morbid way, but in a kind of ignorant exotic way.

Another for Kellys book, of a Navy Boy. I love Navy tatoos.

Another Navy tatoo, of a mermaid. She came out looking younger then I wanted so I added the cheekbone line to make her look older, but it didnt work.

One more for Kelly. I love ships. I wish I could sail on one. I daydreamed about being on a ship like this in the late 16-early 17th century in Jamaica (I'm reading a book about buccaneers) and it had preoccupied my daydreams for almost 2 years, and then I realized I would have been allowed on the ship, because I'm a girl. I could do drag, but if they found out I would probably be raped and marooned, and I probably would be caught.
Also, I dont think I could actually kill anyone of rob the Spanish ships and do all the hardcore stuff they did.
Okay, now some old stuff I forgot to ever post. This next one is about the Rorshach test, which I was really into for a week or so, and took like 20 times. It's a two side of the paper peice.

Thats what I saw in that shape. I saw scary lesbians in at least 3 of them. Not sexy ones. Scary ones.

This is a redrawing of something I did in art lab. I thought I would try to do it better, cause I like the idea. I like this ok, but I want to do another one someday maybe. I dont know why the idea of leaving money in the man you killeds mouth is so intruiging to me. But it is.
Actually, I still like this one. I drew it months ago, and I ussually dont like stuff I did more then a week ago.

Monday, August 3, 2009

what the hell

this is what ashley and i did at the beach yesterday.
some jerk with a family decided to build fancy sand castles right next to us, starting a bitter rivalry. His kid stepped on our salamander.

Ashley is a sexy cat.

its almost not worth it to post anything these days since you sillies don't go on here very often.