Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile.

Hey there doodlewall. I haven't posted in awhile, in part because I havent been making that much 2D art for school, which means most of my drawings have been VERY self indulgent.

These are two pages of a 25 page comic I made about a transgender kid, or at least questioning their gender. These are pages from some fantasy sequences that I liked.

Here are some sketchbook pages... my history of animation class saw the first colored animation called "Little Nemo" and I loved it so much that I drew nothing but these little Nemo inspired boys over and over.

I just copied this from a comic page drawn by Alan Davis who draws such cute Jason!Robin. I want to hug him.

From a photo.
More Nemo.
A drawing I made of Woody as a human... I actually kinda like it looking back. Maybe I'll do something with this...

I really like pigeons. And uniforms. And I have no better explanation.

There is this Bjork song called "Venus as a Boy" which is the sexiest sounding title I have ever heard of. Soooo I drew it. The lyrics are pretty sexy too.

Tadzio. God, I loved the book A Death in Venice so much, but I have to say, the movie had a bigger influence on me. It is one of the most aesthetically beautiful movies I have ever seen.

MORE Tadzio. Sometimes I just skim through the book and read a couple pages or even sentences because it's just so lovely. My favorite part of the book is when the man looks at Tadzio, and happily notices that Tadzio has a blueish tinge to his teeth, he will probably die in his youth.

I don't really remember drawing this, but I kinda like it.

Fanart of this character Reaver, from Fable III, which was a pretty meh videogame, but Stephen Fry voiced this pretty delightful character. I also really like the way the colors came out here... they are kinda my default colors, but this time they came out exactly how I wanted. And the boys outfit was fun to design.

From "The Sign of the Four" which is probably one of my least favorite Sherlock Holmes books. Not only does Watson get engaged to a lady, but the criminal is a South American pygmy. I rolled my eyes when I read that. I love those books, but they do have the pitfalls of a lot of 19th century literature. Arthur Conan Doyle actually wrote a story that was probably quite progressive for the time, in the Yellow Face, about in interracial family, but there are parts of it that make me cringe a bit today.
Sorry, trying not to nerd out. I just love these stories so much.

Genderbent Betty Wayne and Regina Grayson. I liked how Robin came out...

More of the Nemo-inspired boy.

I could not stop drawing him. These aren't even all of them... the neck ruffle and hair are just so fun to do. And little hands and cat eyes... I'm still kinda obsessed with the circus.

Genderbent Clara Kent. I really like 1940's hair/hats.

Commission for Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. I liked how Venus' hair came out. And trying to do anime after so long was a good challenge, since from what I hear, I usually draw eyes smaller then average, and noses bigger. So I had to do the opposite. And making orange, dark green, yellow and red mix... Adam could probably do it easily, but I had to struggle with it, which was fun.

Another Sherlock Holmes illustration from A Study in Scarlet, which is my favorite SH novel. Holmes is so adorable and young in it, and Oscar Wilde liked it too. I think he and I both noticed the rampant homoeroticism. Also, half of the book is focused on this father and daughter story in Mormon Utah, and is SO GOOD. God that book.

Genderbent Holmes and Watson plus another character from the BBC modern show.

BBC modern John Watson and 2009 movie John Watson. Self-cest. That is weirdly becoming a recurring theme in my drawings...

I wanted to draw a foreshortened human at this angle... I think it came out OK. I wanna get better at foreshortening. But I am improving, and everyone has trouble with it. Also, I love the way mens chests pull up when they raise their arms. Specific thing I love.

For my fashion class I had to make a fashion illustration of shoes and handbags. I finished early so I made 2. Neither of mine fit in at all, since one was of mens shoes/bags, and the other was retro/of a murderer. My teacher was pretty happy with them though, which was nice.

This is my second fashion class, and I really love them. I think I like having to work around these rules, it's like a sketchbook assignment.

Another fashion illustration, just make a fashion figure. I made a hermaphroditic Dorian Gray character. It was the first thing I showed to my fashion class, and it kinda weirded them out. Also my first time using the program Illustrator, which I hated at first but now I love it.

Fashion headshot. We had to make a illustration showing a face and an accessory. Again I had the only male. I really like mens fashion, especially androgynous and effeminate mens fashion. This was when I started to really like illustrator.

I am making a "collection" for my final, which is like a series of clothing that goes together. I'm going for a Turn of the Century, Venice beach feeling. Kind of inspired by Death in Venice.

I like this one since it was the first of a new style I'm trying. It was really experimental and fun. You guys know I rely on lineart a lot, and coloring with flat colors. I like doing that a lot, and like how it looks. But here I made shapes, with some shading, and then put really loose lineart in afterward, just to define it better. Maybe that doesn't sound crazy, but not relying on lineart was kind of exciting for me. Also, I kinda like these clothes I designed.

This is the dorkiest thing, but I am REALLY into this BBC SciFi show, Doctor Who. It's pretty popular, there were a lot of cosplayers at the convention I went to.
It's been going on the air for decades, and it's about this time traveler, The Doctor, who regenerates (kind of like reincarnating) into a different person with the same memories/etc. The problem is, you bond (OK, I bond) with one Doctor, and then he dies and regenerated into this new guy who I'm then supposed to love.
I fell like ridiculously hard for the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, and actually cried when he regenerated into the Eleventh. And now I like Eleven too, and it's just too many emotions.
So this is Ten and Eleven. More self-cest, and working with the style of shapes first, then lineart. And I have to say, usually getting a persons likeness is really hard for me, and I'm NOT good at it, but Eleven (the one in the pink) looks JUST FUCKING LIKE ELEVEN. I am really happy with that.
(Dorky confession... you see the things they are holding? They are called 'sonic screwdrivers' and at the comic convention I bought a flashlight that looks just like Ten's screwdriver. And I love it so much).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well this is just shameful...

Dooods I have the last 3 posts? I know it's not really fair cause I'm just posting stuff that I did for class.

This is what I've been up to in the last month:

Also, in class we got to make our own canvases. We made the frame and stretched it today! Here's mine.

Adam out!