Sunday, January 25, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 新年快乐!恭喜发财!

(disclaimer: the following picture is slightly disturbing, but i LOVE IT and it is a picture of my two friends walter and zinan, and walter is forcing zinan to suck this big black man's big black dick)

okay so last night we went to the ag frat: aka the agriculture school frat.  and OH MY GOD FARMERS ARE AWESOME.  they are just really laid back, cool, hippy people who smoke pot all the time!!  its like in Harold and Kumar II escape from guantanamo bay when they meet that farmer who smokes weed and they're like: what? farmers smoke weed?  and the farmer says: well yeah!  ever try farming not high?  bored as shit.  
hahahah.  oh my god. okay.  and classes for me just started unt week ago. so i haven't gotten good at doodling yet but i will.
also in  one of the doodles i doodled my dad by accident!  and the batman is NOT original, its from the long halloween.  


p.s. dakota: don't date rachael! its not right!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

*warning: no actual art contained in this entry

(Yay! Ashley has joined the blog!)
First of all, I didn't see nearly enough of you bitches over break. Unacceptable.
At any rate, I've received various requests to show pictures of my living space here at Reed, and since I have very little else (that I want) to do at the moment...
My intimidating sign.

My (habitually messy) room. I tend to rearrange the furniture when I'm really stressed out, so don't be surprised if this arrangement changes on a regular basis.
I set my bed really high off the ground, so I actually have to jump to get in/out of it. But I do have a plethora of hot men watching over me at night.
I spend the majority of my time at my desk. Consequently, I have developed a deep, meaningful relationship with Penelope Cruz's cleavage. And Ethan Hawke.
Welcome to Scholz II - Mediaphilia!
Common room for the floor + dorky dormmates playing Magic.
This is me. You remember me, right?

And other miscellaneous crap:

I saw this pillow at a furniture store in Costa Mesa. I kind of wanted it.

Also, I made dinner for my family on my last night at home, and I'm pretty proud of it...
Orzo with grilled vegetables.
Chicken skewers (these actually sucked because I used breast meat instead of thigh meat, so it came out inedibly dry. But they looked nice).
Grilled salmon.

Anyway, that's the update from the farm. Over and out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

'Ello Bloggers!

Yo! Hope everyone got back safely. I'm actually still enjoying the big bright burning boiling bastard sun of California. (Sorry sun, I still love you....sometimes....) I thought I'd better start adding some stuff to this doodlewall cause I noticed it lacked a lot of excitement without me. (That was my poor attempt of trying to be portentous) So here goes one thing. This was "gorilla" art I did in my dorm work-out room.

Yes...that is a fetus. I love fetuses. Big juicy fetuses. (>.<)v yay!