Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three in a row! (posts)

I was just cleaning out my computer and I wanted to celebrate some good old oldies. 

I just posted this one because i impressed myself....

Good Old Oldie numbah one: haha remember?

This is my favorite. I remember that I made it in digital art and for some reason every time i look at it i hear mcmahon saying, 'you should include the poop grade' he's talking about my portfolio. I just think it was funny that he liked this one because its so silly. but i think in my yearbook he drew a poop on a stick.

I have a test this friday in french. I hope i don't get the poop grade.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Allison again

Presenting: the 2011 Extraordinaires poster! made by, me!
Yeah so yesterday Laura texts me and is like: we need the poster by today! But yesterday I was celebrating Dan's birthday, so I couldn't make it.  Today I got home at 5, made dinner, did my (shit i forgot to get my laundry) laundry, and then cranked this out. phew. done.

Here is the line-work:

And then I scanned it into photoshop, did some sloppy coloring using the magic wand tool, and then i learned what 'overlay' is and I did that. I think that might have been what dakota's been doing for a while  that I didn't know about.

Real doodles:

I remember hearing some speech my dad sent me given by Steve Jobs and he was talking about a class he took at Reed in calligraphy and how that helped him make different fonts for the first windows computer. 

So one day when I was in class supposed to be taking notes I decided to try making some fonts. I wanted them to be interactive. Or definitive in some way. Remember in high school when I wrote the word 'Worms' using the word 'intestinal' over and over in the shape of the letters W, O, R, M, S?

I spelled tongue wrong...and I wanted to make the letters in 'kissing'...actually kissing but then it looked weird and made me feel weird so I stopped.

Final results:

Here's a doodle I did in class today while looking at the Madonna of the Long Neck

My second painting, its a still life (gahh)

This is dan's first art thing.  He wanted to make a poster of Half Dome.

More doodles from class, very bored. Very weird doodles.

LOL this is an octopus eating an ice cream.  Laura's response: That's either a really big ice cream or a really small octopus

COOL. Bye. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Allison. Allison. Allison


Well I had a wonderful lovely summer which I would love to tell you all about when I see you/call you/you call me.  I live in a cute little house with 6 other girls who are all very nice.  This place is super nice, we have two kitchens and wood floors this time.  Anyways i have this ginormous desk in my room which is great for making art, and I also lost my Enter the Dragon poster and got sick of my Fight Club poster so I've been getting a little craftsy with my decorating. 

Here is a view of my room as you walk into it.  I have a receptionist's desk.

The card says "Allison Ong; Attorny at Law"
Obviously you need to make an appointment if you need to see me.

This is my bed.  For the last day, I've been doing this new thing where i make it.  I've found that it motivates me to sleep in it.  You can see my Laura-made Extraordinaires poster on the left, under my Dakota-made envelope from Postman Porn.

Center is my Banksy cutout that i did today instead of doing homework, and on the right is my Dakota-made Extraordinaires poster.  On the bed is Snowy, you all know snowy.

Here is the most important part of my room.  My other, AllisonandDakota-made Extraordinaires poster, and the place where I keep my pictures of you guys!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY

This is Laura's door.  Its across from mine. Laura is (likes) anal. 

The stupid people in my painting class threw away the big cardboard sheets that came to protect our glass palettes.  So I collected a bunch of them to make decorative things.  Here's one, there are four more so hopefully more to come.  I put my gojira poster in the living room which I forgot to take a picture of. 

Also I know none of you will be really super jealous except Dakota, but Dakota this month B.O.B.'s having a concert, (i like them even if you're not big on them) and then JANELLE MONAE, is coming, and then the EXTRAORDINAIRES are coming back and sleeping at my house because they don't have a place to stay, and then the DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS are coming, and so far its shaping up to be a pretty cool senior year in terms of music. 

Over and OOT


Oh, and tragic news.  The reason why my ASHLEY-made batman is not sitting on my bed like he was all last year and the year before that and the year before that, is because i stored him in a box in this house and the basement leaked. Batman was in the bottom of the box and he was unfortunately soaked and consumed by mold.  I was very very very very sad to see him go.  I am still sad.  I am so sad ashley.  

Rest in peace batman.  I loved you.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer art and Mei Magazine

Hey, so this is just some fanart for Doctor Who, from this episode that was written by Neil Gaiman and was the fucking best episode of almost anything I've ever seen. After watching it, I just took like an hour break and just thought about it and was happy. It was called "The Doctor's Wife" and was about this aliens relationship with his spaceship/time machine and it was so romantic and sad and magnificent. I want to read everything Neil Gaiman has written.

This is different characters from the show, but it got weirdly popular. It got over two thousand notes on tumblr. I don't know if it's because of the simple style, or it's of a popular (straight?) couple, but whatever. (This show makes me go totally woozy over straight couples, so yeah).

And here is a lesbian couple from Doctor Who, from the last episode, which was the shit. They were an interspecies, victorian, cross dressing, detective lesbians. I was so in love.

These are some screenshots for the title sequence I finished at the end of the year and still haven't figured out how to upload. I'll do that soon.

This is from the show Sherlock, where new photos from next seasons filming came out where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were handcuffed together. It kind of made my heart race.

This is a commission for Batman, Jason as Robin, and his later incarnation of The Red Hood. I kinda dug how Robin came out.

I just wanted to genderbend Power Girl to make Power Boy. Turns out Power Boy is a thing, but I'm not into DC's version of him.

Also, this is for a magazine for girls adopted from eastern Asian countries, (mostly China, Vietnam and Korea), and I emailed them about their logo and some other design elements I thought could use some improvement, and now I am doing some spreads for them. This issue is Chang O, and next issue is either Chinese or Vietnamese New Year, or all Lunar New years, if I can figure out how. Since Lei will be reading these magazines, and maybe Sasha in a couple of years, I would like to continue to do articles for them, so they think I am the coolest. And I can't think of much I'm more interested in then adoption, so doing stuff for a magazine for adopted kids sounds awesome.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post from Laura!

Hey there everyone! This is Allison's friend Laura. I've been silently viewing your lovely posts for a while, and I just got back from an architecture study abroad in China, so I wanted to share the best of my sketches! These are all from Shanghai - we didn't do as much drawing once we were in Beijing.

This is a totally weird modern building in Shanghai. I think the architects thought that the whole world would look like the Jetson's, so they decided to get ahead of the game. There's no way to draw this building without having it look like a penis. 

I think this was my favorite modern building in China - this museum is beautiful and I like the emphasis of the horizontal in the design. 

Shikumens means "iron gate house" and they used to be all over Shanghai, but they've mostly been torn down and replaced with replicas. It makes the city feel like Epcot a lot of the time.

Perspectives are hard, and my attention span was short on this one.

This is a copy of the old-style characters. I wish writing still looked like this, although it probably wasn't very efficient. But it's so beautiful!

I did this rubbing at a temple that was built in the 12th century. I didn't have a crayon so I used a leaf. The character means spring, and it's a lucky character.

This is my attempt at Chinese calligraphy - it's my Chinese name. 

Thanks for letting me post!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some drawings in no particular order.

Hey, I haven't posted in awhile, so here's just some of the things I've done in the past month or so. I'm trying to do a lot of commissions for cheap, to get some money, and also because it's kind of fun, like a sketchbook assignment, if sketchbook assignments were about guys macking on each other. So I'm having a lot of fun with them.

A commission for Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne.

Here's one commission I did of Red Robin and Superboy, who I've been wanting to draw for awhile. It might be strange to say, but I like the way Robin's butt came out, and his chest. Allison, have you seen 90's Superboy? His outfit was so strange, but I love it. I want to draw it.

So I bought the movie "Death In Venice," because I think it might be aesthetically my favorite movie, not even just because of the boy Tadzio, but the turn of the century clothes/architecture, and the colors of the film are stunning, and have changed the way I draw. And I can't stop drawing Tadzio. (Adam: Rufus Wainwright did a song about him called "Grey Gardens" which captures my feelings for him quite well).

The cover of my copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray is totally stupid, and the picture looks nothing like Dorian, so I thought I would make my own. I don't like when covers show Dorian's face, since I think the reader should imagine it on their own, and they so often have a masculine face with dark hair or facial hair, which is totally not how he was described at all. Whoever chose those pictures for the cover were NOT homosexual, I'm sure of that.

Um... I started watching Pokemon again. It is still amazing (but I am shocked at how little animation there is. Like 90% of the show is still frames).


I think this is my trying to get my circus obsession out, but it's still there.

Another picture for my fashion class. I did this after watching a shit ton of Betty Boop.

Genderbent Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

This is a character from the show Doctor Who. I was kind if trying different effects. I thin it looks kind of interesting, and I want to explore more with stuff besides flat colors on photoshop.

I did this after watching Death in Venice. I just want to draw dirty, turn of the century, beach erotica all the time.

Bucky, for my pin up sidekick thing. I was in a queer art show with my sidekick pin up drawings, so I added this one. I also have a Ron Weasley and Luigi that maybe I'll post later.

Again, trying to do something besides just flat colors. This one I did after seeing 101 Dalmations. That movie is actually very gorgeous. I totally crush on Roger, and the backgrounds are amazing. (Also I crush on Pongo, but whatever).

A headshot for my fashion class. It was inspired by Grace Jones.

Another fashion headshot.