Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Batmanest post ever. (Without any Batman).


But that is a bad thing, cause I have so much shit to do you guys. SO. MUCH. SHIT. To do.

So much that I haven't been doing much stationary art, but here is some of it.

First off...


I am so excited. So I drew a picture of her and Renee Montoya. If I were Kate Kane I don't think I could get over Renee. Then again, I have a weakness for lady-cops.

I have been buying Detective Comics that feature her as they come out each month, the people who work at the comic store see me as I come in and say "Not for another week."

And it get's better. They started Batwoman with the artist J.H. Williams III who is a god amongst artists. He goes from style to style like a pro. Then they changed to some other dude.
But Williams is gonna do the art for the series! Yusss. So happy you guys. Probably will make more fanart.

[Edit: Did more fanart.]
This time Robin: who has always had a place deep in my heart, (Dick, Tim, whoever) and Nightwing, who I think is pretty damn cool. Still jizzing over textures., as you can see. I need to start collecting really great textures, but that means being crazy and taking pictures of concrete and walls and stuff...

[EditEdit: MORE Batwoman fanart. Or, Kate Kane Fanart.]
She showed up in a party in a tuxedo, and it was awesome. I don't know enough of her yet, but I wonder if she will make her alter ego Bruce Wayne-ish, like this. Or a different kind of personality change... Also, I want to see her and Bruce Wayne interact, maybe at a party, neither knowing who the other is. So much possiblilty!

I have been learning to use and manipulate textures, and I'm starting to really like it. I think this is a photoshop style that is working for me.

Also Calamity Jane fanart. I have the fanart bug you guys. It's awful. In the middle of the night, instead of sleeping, I think "what if I drew..." I really need to be working. But this picture is in the style of photoshop painting that I always wondered about. Turns out with a tablet that I borrowed from my roomate, it's not too hard. Just as hard as painting, really.

It kind of reminds me of painting on different panels of glass, then putting them together, because of the layers. I see why photoshop is addictive. It's fun, if you mess up it's fixable, and there are so many different things you can do. Every time you learn something new you feel like you discovered it. It's pretty cool.

I have been wondering about it for years, and I feel like in a week I have learned quite a bit. I mostly just took stuff I learned from toonboom and applied it to photoshop.

Anywho, Calamity Jane is my absolute favorite movie right now. I have watched it 3 times this week, and youtubed the songs, like, 1000 times each. Doris Day is just the cutest thing I have ever seen. This is how good it is. This movie has a LOT of lesbian subtext, and yet I think the straight romance is SUPER CUTE. WHUT.
Also, Calamity's outfits are the best. Even after her inevitable "feminine makeover" she still gets to wear this fucking awesome outfit that I probably will draw. Doris Day's voice is echoing in my heart.

Oh man you guys.

Welp, next up is some watercolors for my fashion class.

Warm up watercolor

Mah sisters for childrens fashion illustration. Had to rush it, but the colors of both of their skin came out OK, but less so in the photo... Honestly, I don't think I could handle a critique of this one, just cause of the subject matter.

I made the model look more femmy and gave him more red hair. My teacher made me promise to pay more attention to the clothes, and stop focusing on my ginger fantasies. (Not in those exact words).

Our model has great hair, which I have mentioned before. It kinda of pisses me off, cause we are allowed to change the model as we please, it's about the clothes, and EVERYONE but me changes her to a white lady with long hair. I'm not sure why, but that really upsets me. People have such typical and boring ass tastes in people.

A photoshop doodle done with the tablet. Me and my room mate have been talking about harems. Like, a lot. It always makes me picture, like Darius III and his harem of girls and eunuchs and stuff. I think it's cause I read The Persian Boy at a ridiculously young age. I am no better then Percy Shelley, Byron and all those douches.

And some pages from my sketchbook.

This boy is one of the side statues around my fav. statue that I often eat lunch in front of. ( I love that place.


Designing kid Reynardine.

Result of reading some manga again.

This girl was weird to draw. I felt like I was going back in time, drawing something I would have back in high school. Kinda fun though.

Saw this dude by the library, and he looked so cool, I had to draw him. He had MANLY ass shoulders.

Cain and Abel doodles.

More Cain and Abel shiatttttt.

Also, this quick animation I did. But I totally stole this. I was watching Justice League and even though most of their animation is minimalistic, (like all television shows) they had some surprisingly cool moves, like this one where Batman jumped from some rafters. I wanted to see how they got the timing, so I did it myself, and I think I learned a lot.
I think I will practice this way with other movies. Maybe this is the key to figuring out how that DAMN Shadowman works. He's so great. Erg.

[Edit: The damn video is so light! Well, I'll upload it on facebook later maybe with a bunch of other quickie shit maybe].

This isn't all I have, but the other things are too big for the scanner and I can't get good photos of them. I'll upload them later.