Saturday, February 20, 2010

Like 30 seconds of animation! That took all week...

What's up you homos?

So I did these animations for my experimental animation class. I am learning voice sync for my sound and image class, but that probably wont be ready for a week or so. It's taking forever, but is really fun.

I just did this one on thursday, and it only took about an hour. It's my first time doing sand animation. Basically you take sand, put it on a glass sheet, light it from below, and animate with the sand. I thought that sounded totally stupid. But then it turned out it was a great tool for making rough silhouettes, which is something I struggle to do with drawing. So this was pretty awesome. Some of the movement is rough, cause I couldn't really plan it out beforehand, but I am still pretty happy with how it came out. And, as always, bears scare the shit out of/fascinate me. Maybe the rabbit symbolizes me. (It doesn't. I just enjoy animating animals).

This one is much more what I am comfortable with. Basically it's drawn animation, except I water colored the middle. It messed up the paper to make a haloing effect, but I kind of like it. This is the character for my upcoming longer film. except I have to make him more foxy, (shorter legs, bigger ears).

This was my second cover submission for Adams CD, Bedlam. Also turned down. I like it, but I totally get why. It puts some biblical baggage that is not in the CD, on the cover. His CD just makes me think of water. Possibly cause one of the songs, my favorite on the album, is called Sepulcher, and that makes me think of the poem Anabelle Lee, cause that is where I learned that word. Also, there are mentions of water in some of his songs.

This is the traditional redo for his cover. I don't know if it's been OK'd or not yet.

This is a coloring page for Brayden's birthday. It's from the story I tell him that he always liked, Snow White and Rose Red. He also likes when I tell him the Pied Piper, Tam Lin and oddly, a super shortened and much more PG rated version of the Illiad, where people get captured instead of dieing. He freaking loves that story. But I couldn't illustrate it, cause it's all fighting scenes.

More Fashion ladies. I love this chicks hair so much. I make it more pompadourish than it really is.

For these next ones, I got a new Moleskine Notebook, since it has always been my dream to fill one, and I never have. They just seem so artsy. Since my current sketchbook has only 13 more pages left, and it's mostly used for the comic. I thought this could be my doodle book, that is smaller and easier to take around.

The girl and the fox, from mah movie.

Watched Death in Venice, and jizzed the whole movie. I think the movie was 99% as good as the book. It was so beautiful. Oh Tadzio.

More of Tadzio and the other boy.

Oh man this happened in the movie it was adorable. But even more adorable was the reaction of the man, Gustav, watching them. He just smiled so sweetly, and kind of embarrassed. He looked how I feel when I see something adorable.

Another Tadzio. There might be more. Because I want a Tadzio so bad. Because Tadzio is not just Gustav von Aschenbach's pervy obsession. It's more spiritual then that. He is his muse.

I need a muse. Besides the vague idea of beautiful people.

[EDIT: Sunday]

More Tadzio and Death in Venice. I can't stop.

Tadzio, in his sailor suit. Ah man, I am a sucker for these.

More of these bathing suits I can't get enough of. I like the colors on this. They came out accidentally nice. Also, I am starting to appreciate horizontal compositions, which is good, since that's how film is. Usually I prefer vertical.

A drawing of Gustav. I imagined him really old in the book, but in the movie they made him surprisingly handsome (not like the drawing). He has an older man thing goin' on.

Also, mustaches don't bother me anymore. Sometimes I quite like them.

Moleskine's are so tits. I think I just like the idea of the notebook. It looks so pretentious, with the built in bookmark, and the band to hold it shut, as if there is so much great art in there, I have to physically restrain it.
I also like the yellow tinge to the paper. Niiice.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fashion Illustration and some plans...

Today in fashion illustration we did paper cutouts with a maximum of 3 colors.

My teacher said I should use this in my portfolio for my fashion thesis. I was so shocked that she thought I was a fashion major I just stood there, mouth literally agape.

I don't know if I should even tell her I'm not. I mean, I guess it doesn't really matter, but then she might get off my case about my girls being to masculine. I think that's why she likes the black and white one, the chicks legs are ridonkulous.

I like this one. I like the new sailor fetish fashion thing that's going on. One of my room mates has this sailor looking sweater that is so cute. I don't know why horizontal blue or red stripes are so fucking sexy.
Cutting out those stripes took forever.

Drawing of our model, who almost has Janelle Monae hair.

These next are plans for my animation "The Fox's Bride." My plans for the two main characters.

Early plans for characters.

The fox is just a silhouette, and I have an amazing plan for him that I don't want to tell you dudes yet but it is going to be so pretty.

Final plans for the girl. Also semi sailor inspired. It took awhile to choose her age. This looks 8 to 10ish, right?
Oh man you guys. This movie is going to be so visually tits. I am so excited. It's gonna be pretty computer-looking color, but hand drawn. I can't explain it. I hope to get 'er done by the end of the semester. And even that is a reach.

More comic pages.
It's funny that Allison asked if they were getting hotter. I think for Cain (long hair/nose) I like the first picture I did of him best... But I do think Abel is getting hotter. He is my Caravaggio-esque boy. Those are my favorite kinds. Cain is more fun to draw/write though.
I need to work on quality vs. speed in these... but when I try to up the quality... I just stop making them. To frustrated/bored.

Here's a panel of the comic that I liked, colored in photoshop.

And a collaboration between me and Rachael. She did the easy part, the art, and I did the writing, which is comparable to James Joyce.

I didn't want to write my essay.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat. "We're all mad here."

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I think my last post was before here are some progress notes on the comic.

Ugh. I really can't stand the way these things look after they're scanned in. They look so amateur. Why can't I get mine to look like hers?

Hey Everybody! Now that I've been sworn in to the Doodewall, I wanted to post a music video that my friend Ben and I made a while ago. It's for the song Buildings and Highways (and it features some art I did as a kid).

Adam LaMotte - "Buildings and Highways" from Ben Seretan on Vimeo.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First post of the semester!

Hey guys!
... I have nothing to say... not a super interesting post, mostly just comic pages...

This is fanart for Goodbye Chains, my super favorite comic. I just realized a couple of days ago that I have been reading this for about 3 years. It's a western, it's homo, it's kinda communist, it's Irish. Dude.
Actually in the whole comic there is no homo kiss/anything really, which makes it surprising that I have been able to follow it dedicatedly for so long. I hope my comic doesn't last years with no hanky panky! How long will it take me...? At the pace I'm going... 6 more months before I draw the homo. More before I post it online. Erg.

These are from my new class I just signed up for and took today, Fashion Illustration. It's actually super fun, it is mostly life drawing, except you are supposed to idealize the figure. The only problem is the teacher does not have the same ideals as me.

My teacher said "You're girl is too masculine, her neck is too thick. She looks like a pretty boy." I thought that was pretty funny.
These are after I femmed her up a bit, but my teacher still wants her to have a skinnier torso and longer legs. I don't think I am going to do that...

Here is the basic plan for Adams album cover, but he wanted it less digital, which I get. So a new one should be around pretty soon. Tell me if the plane is a dumb idea of not, I don't know. I think it might mess with the composition somewhat, maybe I should put it over the buildings.

Sketches for this animation idea. I am going to animate a movie about this fox, but I am going to keep him an orange silhouette, like this. I'm pretty excited to start making this.

Eugh. More Cain/Girl stuff. Gross.
Just kidding. Maybe.

I started re-using a thin paintbrush here, instead of a black pen like I had been for awhile, and it makes a subtle difference. It's a bit slower, and I cant do it on the go, but I think it's worth using the brush as much as I can.

I like the last panel. In the first panel Abel said something stupid, and now Cain is all "whaaaat."
I am almost done with this section of the story. Maybe 20 more pages. Once I get to the next section, it starts to get kinda gay. Only from one of the bro's point of view though.

Hey, I'm excited.