Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Being home=making art

I guess as soon as I get home I start making stuff.  Which reminds me, the polenta should be on here but whatevs.

Amanda, Ashley, and I made some christmas cards here are some pictures of the fronts and some insides, you can guess who made what.

We got glitter everywhere :) which, according to fred, is the herpes of arts and crafts.

Spelled wrong on purpose!

So that's that.  

Here's a picture that i got from laura of something old but she had the picture so i never uploaded it.

Remember that shirt i made for her? I took the stencil, which was actually some wallpaper-y design contact paper, and after I sprayed it laid it over some newspaper.  It looks really cool with the newspaper, fading spray paint, and wallpaper design.  Probs should click on this to see the full view.

I don't understand photography. is this considered art photography?

Then, my friend Julien came over and we made dinosaur shirts, this is the only picture i have of his t shirt.

Then the much more experienced mackenzie came over and we made super awesome t-shirts.

This is daft punk.

This is a narwhal. (front)


This is homestar runner.

This is amanda's christmas present (front)


this was supposed to be a Little Prince shirt, but turns spray paint doesn't always show on dark colored shirts.

This is my dino shirt.

you can't really see this but its another drawing at a desk in cornell. during my french final i think.  she's saying 'that dope nose!'

Okay, allison art poo, over and out.