Tuesday, November 25, 2008

More doodles and The Road stuff... by Dakota

St Sebastian. I love him so much.
St. John the Baptist. I also have a huge boner for him. I wanna touch his nipples.

Cowboys. (I love how when I say cowboys, people think "gay." Thanks Brokeback Mountain).

Another St. John the Baptist...
My first The Road drawing. I drew this before I knew Viggo Mortenson was the Man, and I am suprised at how much it looks like his characters design. Longer hair, I guess. I imagine the boy with long hair. I hope he has long hair in the beggining at least. There is a great scene in the book where the man cuts the boys hair, and I hope its in the movie.
Another The Road drawing...
Another one...

I like this one. I think this is the moment where the boy sees something shocking, and the man is trying to comfort him. I dont want to say what the shocking thing is, because then it wont shock you when you read it. (Or watch the movie, I guess).

Close up.

Black and white. I dont know which I like better...

Dakota says Read the Road

Read this book. Oh man. It is so good.

I hope the movie is good. Viggo Mortenson seems like the right actor. Someone scruffy, tough, who you would want to be your dad, but also want to do a little bit, and who can be gruff, but still tender.

The boy looks OK. As long as he can act pretty well. Act like he's totally dead inside, except for a teeny tiny bit. Will that teeny bit be smashed? WE WILL SEE. Nothing is more depressing then a ten year old kid saying they would rather be dead.

Also, I hope he has long hair. In the book he has long hair, and it ads to his freaky, animal-child thing.

And I didnt think "Oh, HOT! Father/Son action" except when I thought "Oh, wow, I am not thinking Father/Son action!"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dakota Is Doomed

Okay, some doodles here.
Okay guys, I am doomed. Let me tell you why.
The two most romantic things I have ever read are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Earthly Joys.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof's romance is a triangle. Brick's best friend drank himself to death because Brick spurning his romantic advances. Brick is now totally obsessed with his dead friend and drinks constantly and neglets his wife, who loves him even more for it. The whole think is so fucking romantic, and it does not take long to read. I reccomend it. (That is only a bit of the story, it was writted in the 50's so the romance is SO subtle).

Also, I just finished Earthly Joys, which happens in the 1600's where a gardner is the servant to the Duke of Buckingham. The Duke of Buckingham is the male mistress of James I and his son Charled I (and that part is real!) The Duke spends all the kings money that the king is supposed to spend on the people, and thousands of people are dead or dying because of him. Its the story of the Dukes servant who is horribly in loyal to and in love with the Duke. I think it was so great because hundreds and hundreds of pages go by before anything happens. He is so tortured. And barely any hanky panky goes on, before the Duke is assasinated. His servant has the chance to save the Duke, but doesnt for the sake of the county.

If you were in love with someone, but you knew their death would be in the best interest of your country, would you let them be killed?
I am doomed because I love tragic romance. I love when the people dont end up together, and when the people are riddled with guilt, and cant be together. I love it so much. Forbidden Love. Its not interesting what the outside word thinks, but I love when the characters are filled with seld doubt and loathing.

I think thats why I like gay man lovin'. Who is more self hating and insecure then a gay guy in the 50's or 18, 17, 1600s. Nobody. Women are to sensitive to have raw self hatred which they take out on their lover. Its tragic.

And it doesnt bode well for my future relationships.

I have a history of it. When I was little I though Pochahantas was the most romantic Disney movie. (Now its Beauty and the Beast, but thats a while other freaky can of worms).

I am doomed.

Just a doodle of some girl.

After reading Earthly Joys, I had to draw some Duke of Buckingham. He was supposed to be so sexy.

I want to be a king with a harem. That would be so rad. They kept describing King James' courtesans, who dressed all sexy, and wore white makeup and you could totally could see a ton of the ladies tits.

A doodle I did in history class of some of his Harem. I would stick my dick in both their buttholes. I like the white makeup with slutty make up on top thing. Its like a mime/prostitute. HOT.
I need to get out of my romantic funk.

whodabest? IDABEST!!

hey guys.  Happy Thanksgiving!  I miss you :( and i wish i could come home and hang out with you.  

p.s. dakota, remember when we came up with that idea of a dildo that straps onto your chin?

also please note how incredibly artsy/angsty/emo i am with my black nail polish.  its only on my left hand though, because i'm right handed and can't paint my right hand.  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aloha Amigos!

Hey douchebags!  I'm pretty busy being pretentious over here, but I did make time to doodle on thursday.

Speaking of douchebags, you should see james marsden in sex drive. its wonderful.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

doodles in class:

and i know we have that 30 mins or less rule, but i actually really like the way this page is turning out, and we all know how rare that is.
look at the detail on those sheets. ahhhhhh

allison is famous

my friend in the film school had to make a short video presentation on art and he featured some of my doodles! check it out here.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dakotas Doodle

I drew John Henry in my English Class. Goddamn, he is so cool. I feel like drawing Oscar Wilde now, because Allison accidentally got me all into him again. I dont even remember how.

Its too bad we cant comment on eachothers posts. I guess we can just plain talk to eachother though... whatever.
OK, what is a doodle? I vote its something you spend 30 min or less on. Does that sound reasonable? Or not?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is allison posting. Rachael, when you post stuff you have to say who you are otherwise i might see your art and think its some random persons'

Welcome to the doodle wall rachael!! thanks for posting and making my doodles look like CRAP.  FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU.  god. 

OH MY GOD i was listening to mitch hedburg's last cd and one of his jokes is "i got pissed at the crowd last night and i told them to fuck off.  then i felt bad so i said, Alright fuck back on!"  hahahah and he also says "burittos!! they're sleeping bags for beef!!"  hahahahaha

i wish i could get my scanner to work because i'm sick of these shitty picture i take with my webcam.  

This is rorshach from Watchmen.  so this is like fanart i guess. i couldnt get the shape of his face but this is a picture of him in my favorite scene from the whole book.  You have no idea how much i love that book and subsequently how much i am excited for the movie.

his name is patriotic horse.  he loves america in the fifties.

My friend who is in the architecture school gave me a really sweet pen yesterday. it writes so thin. like .3 or sumtin

Dakota, I am reading another book by adrian tomine.  its called summer blond.  i am reading so many graphic novels its crazy.  

You know you love me!
-Gossip girl

Dakotas Third Post Wherein She burns Rachael.

Hey Rachael, I think you need to learn the rules of dis shit. No REAL art. Doodles. Stuff you would tape to a wall, and not be sad if it was ripped down or doodled over. Basically, nothing that makes my head explode with how totally rad it is. And since you posted that, look what I painted.

Thats RIGHT! St. Sebastian. I would hit that. With and arrow. An arrow named my penis.
Also, I painted this...

Maybe you've seen it before...?

i love that you guys made this blog. love love love.
anyway, i cheated and put a couple of these on my facebook too. this is a colored pencil thing i started several weeks ago and will probably never finish.

And this has been my baby pretty much since i've gotten to college. i've discarded tons of pages but i'm really hoping that i'll get this one finished before i'm a sophomore.
And these are for Allison. i got bored sitting in powell's one day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dakotas Second Ever Post Ever.

Some doodles of characters I made up 5 YEARS AGO. Whoah.

Some more of them... nekkid.
WhatWhat? (Allison, I know you thought "In the butt.")

Scarification is my newest fetish. We saw some slides of people with it in art history, and it gave me a total boner.
The King.

Bestiality. HoTTT. Two Bears one Cup. I like how much these bears look like ant eaters. But in real like bears noses are too short to be sexy. I wouldn't do them.

Oh, God. I wanna pierce St. Sebastian with my arrow.

Allison, how can you say that I will stop posting? It is the first day? And this is my second post. Suck my enormous balls.

On the Economy:

Hey Dakota.  I don't know why this text is underlined, but I don't know how to change it.
It's 1 am and I am starting the two papers I have due tomorrow.
p.s. i forgot to tell you that I think you're fat.
p.p.s. I bet this blog is gonna end up being my blog, cuz you probably won't end up updating very much because:

1. You are a bad friend
2. You are a slacker friend
3. You are at art school
4. You have a shitty computer
5. You are white.


p.s. from allison

p.s. i feel like you and i are tegan and sara.  i don't know why.  maybe its because they have a website that they both update.  i don't know.  

Allison's Doodle Dump (and by dump i mean like the kind you take when you're sitting on the toilet with a book you already read)

Hey Dakota!  I'm talking to you on the phone right now and listening to Girl Talk.  
Does drawing western-style guns on my homework make me a potential Vtech person? 
I hope not.  

Gossip Girl