Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three in a row! (posts)

I was just cleaning out my computer and I wanted to celebrate some good old oldies. 

I just posted this one because i impressed myself....

Good Old Oldie numbah one: haha remember?

This is my favorite. I remember that I made it in digital art and for some reason every time i look at it i hear mcmahon saying, 'you should include the poop grade' he's talking about my portfolio. I just think it was funny that he liked this one because its so silly. but i think in my yearbook he drew a poop on a stick.

I have a test this friday in french. I hope i don't get the poop grade.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Allison again

Presenting: the 2011 Extraordinaires poster! made by, me!
Yeah so yesterday Laura texts me and is like: we need the poster by today! But yesterday I was celebrating Dan's birthday, so I couldn't make it.  Today I got home at 5, made dinner, did my (shit i forgot to get my laundry) laundry, and then cranked this out. phew. done.

Here is the line-work:

And then I scanned it into photoshop, did some sloppy coloring using the magic wand tool, and then i learned what 'overlay' is and I did that. I think that might have been what dakota's been doing for a while  that I didn't know about.

Real doodles:

I remember hearing some speech my dad sent me given by Steve Jobs and he was talking about a class he took at Reed in calligraphy and how that helped him make different fonts for the first windows computer. 

So one day when I was in class supposed to be taking notes I decided to try making some fonts. I wanted them to be interactive. Or definitive in some way. Remember in high school when I wrote the word 'Worms' using the word 'intestinal' over and over in the shape of the letters W, O, R, M, S?

I spelled tongue wrong...and I wanted to make the letters in 'kissing'...actually kissing but then it looked weird and made me feel weird so I stopped.

Final results:

Here's a doodle I did in class today while looking at the Madonna of the Long Neck

My second painting, its a still life (gahh)

This is dan's first art thing.  He wanted to make a poster of Half Dome.

More doodles from class, very bored. Very weird doodles.

LOL this is an octopus eating an ice cream.  Laura's response: That's either a really big ice cream or a really small octopus

COOL. Bye.