Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Pin Ups

These are so cathartic. I did all of these today (except Watson), it's addicting. I am really liking doing flat colors with colored lines, and really simple. It's not even that I have TIME for this. I am scribbling this shit in class, or while doing homework. Are there support groups for this?

So, more sidekicks for you.

"Holmes, would you like some milk with your... Oops!"

Watson, the king of sidekicks. This one was fun, since I was trying to do something new with the colors, and using lighter, more pastel-y colors I don't usually like, and light line art.

I super love not taking Watson seriously as a character at all, and turning him into an objectified caricature. Not while reading the stories, but at all other times.

The Sundance Kid, and if there is anything the Robert Redford taught me, it was that I needed to open my mind, and my pants, to the idea of mustaches.

I used to think they were the lowest of the low when it came to facial hair, possibly because they are quite popular amongst my midwestern family, but they CAN be quite dashing.

Thank you Sundance Kid, Watson, and Westley. You have changed my life for the better.

Other things I am sometimes into: Sometimes I hate it, but I feel I MIGHT be able to get into body hair. Also, I am into union suits. I don't know if that is a real fetish.

Jimmy Olsen, in a myspace photo pose.

Thanks for this idea Allison! I was like "DUDE a teenage, ginger photographer. I know EXACTLY what I am going to do. Also, I posed for this, so clearly I am this sexy.

P.S. If you don't like gingers then FU.

Also, I felt bad, since I am SO into Abe Sapien, and his picture seemed kind of dull next to my others. I think I spent more effort on trying to figure out his design. So I did another. I still want him dressed super Victorian all the time. Also I am so into his amphibian chest. The fact that I have a crush on an amphibian... troubles me a bit.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Some comics and Sidekicks

Hey, I think I am going to post more often, with less stuff, instead of those big art dumps. So, it's not really a big deal for me that you leave a thoughtful comment or whatever, don't stress. It just makes me happy that you see my stuff.

I was thinking about Oscar Wilde (a not uncommon occurrence) and was thinking how great it would be if Holmes and Watson could have gotten him off. Then I realized NO! While the trial and conviction were a tragedy, it would be just a different tragedy if he was victorious in proving he wasn't homosexual. I think his downfall really set things for GLBT people in motion, and was very important and probably did some good in the bigger picture. So this was me working out my ideas on the matter.

This was pretty fun to draw, I just did it kind of steam of consciousness, but I knew where I was going with it. I mean, I have been thinking about the Wilde Trial for almost 7 years.

Also, this got popular on deviantart, like, RAPIDLY. Faster then anything I've done. Within a day I think it got 100 favorites. And now it's at 127. My most popular piece was the Batwoman/Renee Montoya picture with like 150 favorites, and that accumulated over months. It actually kind of freaked me out, and made me think of taking my deviantart off the internet, but then I realized that, in the big picture, it wasn't really a bid deal, and good things are comic out of it, like artists I have admired for a long time are adding ME to THEIR watch lists, and that's pretty damn cool.

OK, this is pretty specific to the fandom it's for. I have been watching the BBC show, Sherlock, where they modernize Sherlock Holmes, and OH MY GOD. I love it so much.

But a bog thing that fans talk about is John Watsons fashion. His signature mustache is gone, and he always wears these ridiculously dorky sweaters, but they are so adorable. And Sherlock is a kind of cold bastard, but has not personal space (kind of like the cannon).

It's an OK show overall, with some major flaws, but there are certain details that just hit me right in the heart, and it makes me want to draw.

Another BBC Sherlock thing. One thing I really like about the show is the way the main actors look. Like, they are SUPER WEIRD LOOKING. I started watching it, and though "God, I am so not attracted to these actors, who cast this?" And by the end of the episode, my heart totally freaking flipped everytime Sherlock came on screen, and tenderness filled my heart every time John came on.
I mean, Sherlock has this WEIRD face, with a freaky profile, and super wide eyes, and long area from the bottom of his nose and top of his lip, and really intense cheekbones. I totally understand what Rachael was saying about freaky looking people. I love trying to solve how to put his face together. I didn't like it at first, and now I think, when he is moving on screen, that he is about the dreamiest thing in the world.

So I want to do some simple Pin Ups of sidekicks, since they are CONSISTENTLY my favorite. So I did these two tonight. First is Robin, and I seriously love drawing a super femmy Dick (haha) with his curvy legs and stuff. Also, I was using non-black lineart and more muted flat colors. Just trying to simplify.

Abe Sapien, and for some reason I really wanted to draw him in this old timey outfit. I think this is the kind of thing he wore before he became a amphibian, like when he was human. And I always thought of him as a gentleman. It's weird, but I kind of have a total crush on Abe, even more then Hellboy and Liz. I mixed the movie and comic design a bit for this. I think I'll change the background to a more simple dark blue, just to keep it simple, and fit with the Robin and future pin ups.

I am very excited for the Watson one.

Other possible sidekicks, Spock, Ron Weasly, Tonto, Bucky, Jimmy Olsen (good idea Allison!) and possibly Inigo Montoya.


Since I don't doodle as much any more, I thought I'd contribute by sharing some of my dreams, especially since you guys are in them.  My thinking is that I'll start with ones that have you in them and then move on to ones that I just think you'll find interesting.

I chose this to be the first one because, although its definitely morbid, its mostly all about people you know. So you kind of have to be interested.  Please don't be offended by any of this or take anything personally.  So...this is word for word out of my dream notebook.  I put the date down as 8/24 but no year...

'Some of this dream I may not remember anymore, since I had it about a week ago.

I am on a yellow school bus, sitting on the left side, second seat behind the bus-driver.  The bus is pretty full and we have stopped to pick up some kids.

Instead of students, a terrorist gets on the bus.  Another terrorist (his cohort) stand outside of the bus, I see him through the windshield on the left.  The first terrorist announces, "I am a terrorist and I am hijacking this bus."  He looks like a mix of Mr. T and Osama Bin Laden.  Both terrorists hold machine guns.  He turns his back on us, looking out the windshield.

Just then Dakota, running late, gets on the bus, unaware of the terrorists.  She sits down in front of me.  "Dakota, there are terrorists!" I tell her.  She notices the guy, and thinking he won't notice, she gets off as quickly as she got on.

I whisper-scream to her that she can't just get off the bus.  but as I see her walking away in the right side of the windshield, she turns and, still walking away (walking backwards) sticks her tongue out at me and gives me the finger with both hands.

The terrorist notices this, "You can't get off MY bus!" he screams.  Dakota turns forward and continues walking away.  The terrorist then shoots her repeatedly in the back with the machine gun.

At first she just stands there and doesn't move.  I think to myself that it is a dream and Dakota can't be hurt by bullets.  But then the blood starts soaking into her clothes.  The back of her shirt now has blood all over it.  She collapses.

I am at school.  I have two messages in my facebook inbox.  One is from Hanna Sender, the other from Ariel Knoebel.  Each expresses their condolences and offer to 'listen' if I ever need to talk.

I go around telling people that Dakota is dead.  They say they're very sorry, but they treat it like old news.  As if a child told them they'd seen a bug die.  To add emphasis, I say, "She was my best friend."  But no change in their attitudes.

I tell rachael over and over.  At first she acts like all the others.  For a moment she looks like she's about to cry.  But then she is okay again.'

ok. kind of sad. but interesting nevertheless, i hope.  i think its funny that dakota is such a douche in this dream.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i'm a bad blogger

quick post inbetween hw:
extraordinaires poster. collab bt dakota and allison

funny man i drew during boring lecture, for dakota.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


You guys.


You guys, if you are still friends with me after this post... well. You might not be. So, if that happens, then I want to say: It's been great knowing you.

Lot's of fanfarts belowwww. And a lot are more "colored doodles" rather then full finished pieces, so they are more for fun then trying to improve. These are my comfort drawings for when I'm bored or in a bad mood or something. So I'm not really looking for critique as much as to show you what I've been up to.

So, onward:

But first for the non-fanart. Still, it's kinda dirty.

70's from the decade series.

Eighties. Erg. I hate the eighties in almost every sense of the word. (Except shoulder pads).

I drew this in an oekaki, which I hadn't used in awhile. Turns out oekaki's SUCK. But this one was a "Nosebleed Oekaki" and people just drew boys with nosebleeds. I had to.

I like to call this "Boystown is weird, but not as weird as we thought." It really happened, and was a bit embarrassing. Also, my comic teacher really liked it. They were just the most phallic dog toys ever.

Some beginning character designs for a short comic I am going to start for my comic class. I am sticking with the man, and the girl on the right, but the others will probably change.

Ze Clark and Bruce for Rachael. I was going to do the cell shading, but I think I kind of like the flat colors.

Bruce and Dick. I want to be a superhero just for the sexy sidekick.

A weird idea I had that perhaps reveals the sadomasochism within me. (I was about to type "Dick turns me on" and then I realized how weird that sounds).

OK, this is the one that might be the breaking point for you, I fear. The Toy Story bondage fanart. I don't know how to explain it.

Seriously, I had to do this. It's a natural progression, I had a crush on Woody when I was a kid, so this had to happen.

Wait, I forget, does natural progression go:
Have childhood crush on animated toy->grow up->get over it
Have childhood crush->grow up->still feel your heart flutter in TS3->draw weird bondage fanart

I'm not sure, but I'm going with the latter.

I just finished playing Red Dead Redemption, and I freaking LOVED it. I love the story so much, and fell in love with all the women in the game. I wanted to marry them all. Especially the two that were not my wife, Bonnie the rancher, and Luisa the Revolutionary. Abigail the wife-ex-prositute was pretty sweet too though.

My first bit of Holmes/Watson fanart I did while reading Hound of the Baskervilles. It was so fun I knew I had to do more. And OH BOY DID I EVER.

A quote from Hound of the Baskervilles that I was like "Whoah." Holmes is so badass and I want to marry him. Even though he's a total ass.

Crossover fanart, cause Batman was partly inspired by Sherlock Holmes, so I thought it was appropriate.

I wanted to doodle Watson's scar.

I wanted to draw Holmes' back. More doodling.

Watched the BBC Sherlock show, which I did NOT think I would like, since it's Sherlock Holmes, but MODERNIZED EW. I mean, when had anything been good when you take the victorian aesthetic OUT of it. But it is good. It's so good. And Watson is so adorable with his sweaters and gun, and Sherlock is so beautiful.

I read a little bit about how some people have theories that Holmes was biologically a female (whether or not he was just cross-dressing for convenience or because he was a FTM transexual was undecided), but I thought that was a fun idea. I love badass cross dressing women of history.