Monday, June 21, 2010

raining on the parade? stealing thunder?

Hey i know there have been a bunch of really good recent posts and i don't want to rain on the parade or steal anyone's thunder but if i don't do this now, i never will lol.  DUUUUMP

So this is my house/apartment. Basically it used to be a house and then the landlady bought it and divided it up into apartments. So its weirdly divided inside.

front door/entry way

i'm on the first floor which is nice.  

subletters. they're very nice and artists as well. yay.  also, like 26 years old. older people! ahhh!

kitchen. is very small.

badly done panorama of my room. i'd fix it but am too lazy/tired/would have to spend time figuring out how...

office! this is my non-paying job.  interning for cornell alumni magazine. today i interviewed someone, taped it, transcribed it, and tomorrow i will begin writing a short profile to be published. playing reporter is actually kindof fun.

intern desk :( sad desk.

in any case its a real 'office' so i feel pretty grown up. and my boss told me one day that i can't wear short shorts to thats pretty grown up too.

This is what i do for my not very grown up job. There isn't a picture of me doing it...because its hard to take pictures of myself working zip lines but this is basically the job. thats my aunt too.

here's me. proof! my shirt says staff!

and while we're on the subject of reunion (thats why my aunt was zip lining at cornell), just for stacy here is a picture of my dad in college. he's pretty freaking adorable. i want to be his friend so bad.  but its ok because i guess we're friends now... one night while my parents were here, they stayed up til 3am singing karaoke.... 

OK so dakota knows i still draw. its just that now i don't really have time to have projects and finished looking things. in any case here is an indie guy and some friend of my roommate's

now this is fan art. what happened was i went onto deviant art to look at dakota's stuff and got really REALLY (like go to bed at 4am) distracted and was just exercising my hand eye coordination by going around copying stuff other people did, so none of this is original at all, heads up. its not even original fan art, its like fan art fan art.

jamie hewlett rocks my socks

i mean, clearly not my style, but super cool looking

ok so THIS is original, and it is laura. basically one day we went to ithaca fest and she looked like a cool indie urban superhero because she was standing in a power stance and i tried to draw it later and this is what it is. 

more airport pictures.  pretty much every time i fly here/home i have like, a 3-7 hour layover. and i just creep around the airport drawing sleeping people.

omg these people were SO funny. at first i thought they were speaking some foreign language and then i realized they just had super heavy scottish accents.  and there was this grumpy old man who was making jokes about champagne breakfast but he said champagne brrrrrrrreakfast.

i was drawing this white guy and was sitting next to these two asian boys and at some point they started talking to me.  one was 9 the other 7 and that guy i was drawing was their dad. so i was basically sitting next to these kids and started creeping on their dad. aaanyways they were cute and wanted to know if i was korean and if i was going to be an artist and wanted to take a picture of me with my sketchbook.

i saw like five people at the airport wearing cowboy hats. i realized its because if you have a cowboy hat and are going somewhere on a plane, you have to wear it on the plane otherwise it won't fit in your suitcase.

over and out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey Guys, Adam here. I know it's been a while since my last post.Here is my latest painting. It kind of comes from the whole "color factory" theme, but this time shows inside the factory. I also tried to add some dimension to it by painting the sides of the canvas and having the color smoke leave through the painted frame. Hope you all like it.

Till next time,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Last Fashion Illustrations and some Photoshop

Hey guys. More stuff.
This is the first thing I did in my fashion class. We had to do an illustration of a woman. Then at the end of the semester, we had to re-do the illustration. I was pretty happy with the improvement.

This was an illustration were we advertised something like makeup or shampoo. I cut out the advertisement in the photo. My main critique was she was too manly, but I like that. I did the hair like you did, Allison, in your Tadzio picture. (I do that with blonde hair a lot).

A watch advertisement.

The last thing I did for my fashion class. We had to do three figures, and one of the outfits had to come from our fashion center. The girls dress was taken from the fashion center, it was made in 1911. The other girl and guy I made up based on what I would want my opium den to look like. (Sexy boys with poppies, and butch ladies... it's an Oscarwildegasm).

I thought of the possibility of Batwoman fighting Poison Ivy in the future, and the sadomasochistic possibilities there are endless.

Sorry for this one Allison. This is Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. Justice League makes me want to make Batman and Superman gay for eachother. I think Batman would be all cold to Superman, but Bruce would be his typical assholey self. Oh man, the possibilities make me want to read fanfiction.

More photoshop practice. I wanted to draw a fairy tale-ish picture, with a lady sailor. Why are those two little white stripes on navy blue so sexy? It makes my stomach flip. Also, drawing ships is actually really fun.