Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer art and Mei Magazine

Hey, so this is just some fanart for Doctor Who, from this episode that was written by Neil Gaiman and was the fucking best episode of almost anything I've ever seen. After watching it, I just took like an hour break and just thought about it and was happy. It was called "The Doctor's Wife" and was about this aliens relationship with his spaceship/time machine and it was so romantic and sad and magnificent. I want to read everything Neil Gaiman has written.

This is different characters from the show, but it got weirdly popular. It got over two thousand notes on tumblr. I don't know if it's because of the simple style, or it's of a popular (straight?) couple, but whatever. (This show makes me go totally woozy over straight couples, so yeah).

And here is a lesbian couple from Doctor Who, from the last episode, which was the shit. They were an interspecies, victorian, cross dressing, detective lesbians. I was so in love.

These are some screenshots for the title sequence I finished at the end of the year and still haven't figured out how to upload. I'll do that soon.

This is from the show Sherlock, where new photos from next seasons filming came out where Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were handcuffed together. It kind of made my heart race.

This is a commission for Batman, Jason as Robin, and his later incarnation of The Red Hood. I kinda dug how Robin came out.

I just wanted to genderbend Power Girl to make Power Boy. Turns out Power Boy is a thing, but I'm not into DC's version of him.

Also, this is for a magazine for girls adopted from eastern Asian countries, (mostly China, Vietnam and Korea), and I emailed them about their logo and some other design elements I thought could use some improvement, and now I am doing some spreads for them. This issue is Chang O, and next issue is either Chinese or Vietnamese New Year, or all Lunar New years, if I can figure out how. Since Lei will be reading these magazines, and maybe Sasha in a couple of years, I would like to continue to do articles for them, so they think I am the coolest. And I can't think of much I'm more interested in then adoption, so doing stuff for a magazine for adopted kids sounds awesome.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post from Laura!

Hey there everyone! This is Allison's friend Laura. I've been silently viewing your lovely posts for a while, and I just got back from an architecture study abroad in China, so I wanted to share the best of my sketches! These are all from Shanghai - we didn't do as much drawing once we were in Beijing.

This is a totally weird modern building in Shanghai. I think the architects thought that the whole world would look like the Jetson's, so they decided to get ahead of the game. There's no way to draw this building without having it look like a penis. 

I think this was my favorite modern building in China - this museum is beautiful and I like the emphasis of the horizontal in the design. 

Shikumens means "iron gate house" and they used to be all over Shanghai, but they've mostly been torn down and replaced with replicas. It makes the city feel like Epcot a lot of the time.

Perspectives are hard, and my attention span was short on this one.

This is a copy of the old-style characters. I wish writing still looked like this, although it probably wasn't very efficient. But it's so beautiful!

I did this rubbing at a temple that was built in the 12th century. I didn't have a crayon so I used a leaf. The character means spring, and it's a lucky character.

This is my attempt at Chinese calligraphy - it's my Chinese name. 

Thanks for letting me post!