Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bet you thought I wasn't gonna do it, huh?

Well, I haven't eaten dinner, gone to the gym, or started my homework yet, but I GOT IT DONE. BOOYAH.

Just by way of explanation: My mind went immediately to the Irish Rebellion of 1916 against British rule. I guess in this case I interpreted "orthodoxy" in the broadest possible sense.

Let the homoerotic interpretations begin.

PS I will comment on everybody's stuff as soon as I can, I promise.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Orthodoxy in Ireland


Here is my sketchbook assignment. It's of St. Patrick. I call it "Revenge!"

You know, the whole St. Pat running the pagans out of Ireland? Well, they are back. (That sounds kinda like a movie tagline). Celtic knots, even simple ones, are hard to make up. (For me, I am not a pattern minded person).

This is part of something I'm not done with yet. It's kind of Sgt. Rock inspired. WWII is now my favorite thing. I mean, that shit is crazy.

More comic pages, some stuff in the middle was taken out cause it's embarrassing or whatever. But I have 16 pages done, and the first chapter looks like it will be 25, so that's pretty good. This is turning out to be very possible.

Ignore the fact that the trees are floating in the 3rd panel. I am gonna fix that.

Allison, you said you had ideas on paneling? Tell me, cause I could use some ideas. I don't want to get really crazy, in fact, not even diagonal lines unless there is a reason for it, but some ideas would be nice. As you can see, most of mine are pretty simple and just for the purpose of making the story get told in the correct order.

Also, I am working on as few face close ups as possible, except when really needed, so it doesn't become lame or a manga. The problem is the story is kind of about the characters feelings and shit, and I think thought bubbles are dumb, and it's hard to do voice overs or whatever without it sounding dumb, so the only way for me to have them express emotion is through words and faces, but when they have concealed emotions... that is difficult to handle.

Also, I am not sure if I said this already, but

I am being more appropriate then Rachael.

Sure, they are underage brothers who might want to hanky panky a little.




(Maybe they do other stuff though maybe).

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Highlights from Laura's sketchbook because she wanted to post on the doodlewall.

I did this on the plane to school. The words are lines I liked for every song that came up on my iPod.

The one on the left is copied from a magazine, the right is just because I like repetitive things.

I drew this vase that was on my table, but I drew it without details and I like it better this way.

Allison can tell you that I'm really obsessed with repetitive patterns. I think it's because I'm OCD and it soothes me to have control over straight lines that are perfect.

Experimenting with colors one time (I think during Chinese class).

The first one I did of these folding columns things.

Chinese was boring that semester, lots of doodles.

I spent a class trying to draw the trash cans and then ruined it with a beaver tail shadow.

This is a window in Casa Mila, in Barcelona.

Friday, September 25, 2009

oh so i actually do i have doodles...

This is what I did with the stencil for the t-shirt after i was done spraying over it. basically, i had used newspaper to cover up the sides of the shirt so when i peeled off the shelf paper i just stuck it onto the newspaper and it looked really cool because of the three layer effect of the black spray paint, shelf paper, and newspaper. total accident that i am totally happy with.
The door of no return: explained below.

Yeah i guess i kinda forgot about these doodles. lately we've been posting like, REAL art. so here are some doodles, you know, to balance it out.

Remember that song? from art lab? the infuriating one by the kaiser chiefs?

The doorway on top of this following doodle is called the door of no return by black diaspora tourists. who basically are people of african heritage that through the slave trade or other means were removed from africa, and they go 'back to their roots'. Its a form of tourism. The door of no return is on an island in senegal and belongs to a building that used to hold mass numbers of slaves. I put a picture of it above. this door was where the slaves would go out of and never be seen again, hence the door of no return. They were probably being sold. Beyond the doorway is just water so most likely a boat would pull right up to the doorway to pick up the slaves.

Oh yeah and the penguin.

This next one is of a girl in my french class. Her nose isn't really that big, i just drew it first and then drew the rest of her face real small.
Blind contour

This is a doodle from my intro to scottish lit class. its lord randall who was fed eel and serpent stew by his faerie lover. she poisoned him and he dies.

This one really freaked out laura but i kinda like it.

So my french teacher earlier this year asked me straight up in class: do you like comic books? Yes, I said. I LOVE comic books he said. it was weird and random and it made me wonder if comic lovers can recognize each other. I was drawing this (its a couch potato, get it?) in class and in the middle of class he goes, This is really neat. I like it, very good. and i was didn't know what to say. esp because i feel like when one is drawing its pretty obvious that they're not paying attention in class. anyways so i stuttered and he said, no i really mean it. and so yeah. i have a fan.

So the real reason i posted all those doodles is so i could have a legit reason to post and show you guys these following pictures. They're taken from the Johnson Art Museum which is right in central campus. it was designed by I.M.Pei and is amazing. When i'm in it i touch the walls and imagine that i am howard roark touching granite.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One more

Drew this last night for my class on the arabian nights.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Theme of the week:

In keeping up with our rival doodlewall that doesn't know that we're rivals with them...yet...(they will know when we get better at art) and keeping with dakota and my desire for sketchbook assignments, here is the first one!

basically i just went onto wikipedia and clicked random article. you can draw anything but it has to be inspired by the theme.

which is....


click the link for more info.

sketchbook assignment is due and will be due every wednesday and we will get to formally critique them!  i don't know if you want to do grades or not.  we probably don't need any more grades in our lives, but i think that critiquing is okay.



dry spell

haven't been doin much.  i feel like i need to get better at art. but there is no time!

More Comic and Stuff

Hey dudes, you guys need to post more. I know Rachael has at least one new thing.

Anyway, here are more pages of my comic. It has been like 4 days since my last post, and I have 4 new pages, so I figure I finish about a page a day. I have more penciled. Penciling doesn't take long at all. It's the goddamn inking. Also, I can pencil in class when I'm bored, but inking is more noticeable.

A page. Eugh. Don't love this one, but whatever.

Yikes! A bedroom scene. But it's OK. They're brothers.

Painting pomegranates and armpit hair. One delicious. The other less so. Both new things I am unaccustomed to drawing. But I like his face in the armpit panel. Also, I forgot to finish painting the boy in the second to last panels hair... I better get on that.

Dude, I love painting the long haired dudes face. Also, I had fun doing their chest/nipples.

I have questions for you. On the inside of the tent, did you notice that the wood things are not there, holding the tent up? Do you think I should put them in? Also, do you think it is good black and white, or do you think some flat grey inkwash on stuff like clothes and backgrounds would be good to add more dimensionality?

Not a good picture, but all I have. This little canvas I had about an hour or so to paint before turning in for a dorm collage thing. Another Tadzio. I really like painting his hair.

And his face.

And his body.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some comic pages and Blind Contours

Hey, here are some example pages of my comic. It looks better in real life, and hopefully it will look better if it's scanned in. Whatever.

The fun/difficult thing about making a really old biblical comic is there isn't that much reference. I mean, what did Adam and Eves home outside of Eden look like? What did their clothes look like? What sort of stuff was invented? How primitive/advanced was it? You can't look up historical stuff cause it didn't really happen. But that means I get to make it up, so that's fun. (Not a lot of creativity yet, cause it's just the beginning and I want their home to be primitive. This probably doesn't make sense, cause you don't know the plot... well, I guess all you need to know is that the main characters are Cain and Abel from the Bible. And it's set in the Middle East/Iranish.

The barley was actually pretty hard considering how easy it looks. The sheep was really fun to do.

This page looks kinda warped cause of the curve of the page.

The backgrounds are pretty simple now...


I love the way Blind Contours look. This one was of a statue of an Hindu God, I forget who. He has a lion face, I think.

I like these. It's Buddha and Hercules. The fun thing is they are from the same statue. It's this statue of Buddha, with all these Hindu Gods bowing to him, and Hercules is standing next to him, but he's way smaller. I love that all these Gods from all these different religions are hanging out. I kinda hope that's what it's like in real life.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

got my scanner to work :)

a doodle from class
john wayne statue at john wayne airport.  hard to see, in pencil.

drawn in lecture. obviously bored.

another doodle in lecture.  i got a new sketchbook and decided to 'christen' it.
the poem is one that the teacher read to us in class. 
i don't necessarily love it, i just wrote it because she was reading it, and i had a pen.
later i realized it kinda has to do with drawing and art.