Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Allison again

Presenting: the 2011 Extraordinaires poster! made by, me!
Yeah so yesterday Laura texts me and is like: we need the poster by today! But yesterday I was celebrating Dan's birthday, so I couldn't make it.  Today I got home at 5, made dinner, did my (shit i forgot to get my laundry) laundry, and then cranked this out. phew. done.

Here is the line-work:

And then I scanned it into photoshop, did some sloppy coloring using the magic wand tool, and then i learned what 'overlay' is and I did that. I think that might have been what dakota's been doing for a while  that I didn't know about.

Real doodles:

I remember hearing some speech my dad sent me given by Steve Jobs and he was talking about a class he took at Reed in calligraphy and how that helped him make different fonts for the first windows computer. 

So one day when I was in class supposed to be taking notes I decided to try making some fonts. I wanted them to be interactive. Or definitive in some way. Remember in high school when I wrote the word 'Worms' using the word 'intestinal' over and over in the shape of the letters W, O, R, M, S?

I spelled tongue wrong...and I wanted to make the letters in 'kissing'...actually kissing but then it looked weird and made me feel weird so I stopped.

Final results:

Here's a doodle I did in class today while looking at the Madonna of the Long Neck

My second painting, its a still life (gahh)

This is dan's first art thing.  He wanted to make a poster of Half Dome.

More doodles from class, very bored. Very weird doodles.

LOL this is an octopus eating an ice cream.  Laura's response: That's either a really big ice cream or a really small octopus

COOL. Bye. 

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  1. I have already told you how much I like your poster and the painting. Still do.

    I need to follow you and do some typography. Yours are really fun. My favorite is foot rub. And for some reason, the fact that the ice cream really is not enjoying being licked is hilarious to me.